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Honey Hole Mega Nursery


New for 2020: The Honey Hole Mega Nursery

The Honey Hole Mega Nursery is the only habitat available that provides 100% escape cover for newly hatched fry. The Honey Hole Nursery will greatly increase the survival rates of your forage species, reducing the need for supplemental stockings.  As predators approach, the fry are able to move quickly and safely inside through the mesh and continue feeding without interruption.  This allows them to survive the first critical weeks of life where typically 98% of most fry are consumed.  Protecting fry initially will supply more available total biomass as the season progresses and increase recruitment for next year's spawning class.

This habitat combines Honey Hole Grass stems inside a mesh enclosure: the Grass stems accumulate periphyton, which is an important food source for fry, while also providing cover, and the mesh creates a “predator-free” safe haven. Place the Honey Hole Mega Nursery in water 4 to 5 feet deep, near potential spawning areas, but away from regular fishing areas and use the marker float and rope that are included to help locate these structures.  This will help you avoid snagging the mesh with lures and disrupting the fry.

The Honey Hole Mega Nursery is ideal for: 

  • Placement in water depths of 4 to 5 feet, away from regularly fished areas 
  • Increasing recruitment of forage species
  • Reducing the need for yearly supplemental stocking of forage fish  
  • Providing the most protection you can buy for your newly hatched fry

The Honey Hole Mega Nursery quickly accumulates periphyton and attracts fry into its safe haven. 

Each Unit Includes (1) Mesh Enclosure, (12) 48 in. Honey Hole Grass Limbs, and (1) Marker Float & Rope

The Honey Hole Mega Nursery ships free in the continental U.S.

    • Assembly Instructions
    • Honey Hole Nursery Specifications
    • Pond King Honey Nursery FAQ
        • The Honey Hole Mega Nursery requires minimal assembly

      Complete assembly instructions coming soon

      • Stem Count: 12
      • Leaf Count: 96
      • Height (ft.): 4
      • Weight (lbs.): 30
      • Footprint (ft.): 4 x 4
      • Volume (cubic ft.): 44
      • Water Depth (ft.): 4 to 5
      • Material: Stems, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE);  Enclosure, Coated Galvanized Mesh
      • Why is fish habitat so important? Fish like cover. They either go to it to feed, or they go to it to avoid being eaten. Submerged vegetation is valuable as habitat for predatory species like Bass or Crappie and for forage species like Bluegill. Pond King’s fish biologists designed the Honey Hole product line to augment or replace naturally occurring aquatic vegetation to attract game fish (the fish that use cover as ambush to help them feed) and protect forage fish. The Honey Hole Nursery and Mega Nursery offer the highest level of protection for fry you can buy on the market today. Our artificial fish habitat is designed for pond and lake owners to help with fish population management. 
      • Is the Honey Hole Artificial Fish Habitat environmentally safe?  The stems of our Honey Hole artificial fish habitat are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Like all of our artificial habitat, the Honey Hole Nursery and the Mega Nursery were designed to be assembled without any toxic glues or adhesives, so yes it is safe for the environment. 
      • Is it hard to install the Honey Hole Artificial Habitat? Absolutely not! The Honey Hole, and the Honey Hole Reed, Brush, Grass and Nursery and Mega Nursery can just be tossed into the water from your boat or the shore. You just drop the Dock Dropper from your dock (as the name implies), secure it to your deck and you are good to go. The Honey Hole Canopy requires just a little more effort; you just have to attach it to a weight (not included), and then drop it the water.
      • For more information, please visit our Artificial Fish Habitat FAQ page. 

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