Pond Maintenance

Feed your fish, not the turtles! Keep turtles away from your fish fry with our turtle trap, and keep your fish fed with our reliable automatic feeders. We offer a variety of pond maintenance products to help keep your pond and fish healthy.
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Turtle Trap

Starting at $299.00

  • Catch sunbathing turtles
  • No bait needed
  • 5-year warranty of frame and welds
  • Can hold up to 50 adult turtles
  • 1 trap covers 4-5 acres
  • 23"x25"x16"
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4 reviews

Mounted Fish Feeder

Starting at $879.00

17" Dia., 32" Tall
50 lbs.
All-Aluminum, welded, powder-coated body
  • Automatic, supplemental feedings
  • Up to 6 different feed times/day
  • 10-year structural integrity warranty
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6 reviews

Floating Fish Feeder

Starting at $1,729.00

6'x6' footprint, 45" Tall
100 lbs
All-Aluminum, welded, powder-coated body and floats
  • Automatic, supplemental feedings
  • Up to 6 different feed times/day
  • 10-year structural integrity warranty
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Texas Avenger Fish Feeder

Starting at $1,249.00

25" x 27" footprint
80-250 lbs
Solid steel
  • Battery and solar panel included
  • Eliminator spinner plate keeps varmints away
  • Easy access to timer and battery
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 sunbathing turtles on log

Why trap turtles

If you have a pond, then you will have turtles. But, determining if you need to remove turtles is based on two things: what are the goals for your pond and what type of turtles do you have? Very often, ponds managed as fisheries will get overpopulated with turtles because of the increased food source. And too many turtles means too much competition for resources. So, if you have a fishery, you probably need to remove turtles to ensure the health of your fish. 

When and how much food to feed

Typically speaking, you’ll want to feed twice a day, but there are circumstances when more frequent feedings are desirable, so we’ve designed our fish feeders to accommodate up to 6 feedings per day. Pond King Fish Feeders allow you to set the timer so you can set your feeder schedule and forget about it until it’s time to refill. The best gauge of how much feed to use is your fish - if they aren’t eating all the food in about 10-15 minutes of each feeding, you’re feeding too much.
 man welding turtle trap frame

Backed by an extended warranty

We’re so confident in our craftsmanship that we are proud to extend a generous 10-year limited warranty on our fish feeder bodies and a five-year warranty on our turtle traps. This investment will last a long time and produce big fish for you for many years. 

A cost-effective way to grow big fish

There is a reason our biologists recommend pellet feeding your forage fish. We have found that it is the most efficient way to grow large fish. Pound-for-pound comparisons of fish growth over a season has found that feeding fish is a more efficient transfer of weight per pound than only stocking forage fish. 
 fish feeder on water with fish eating

Learn why our customers choose Pond King time and time again

Top quality product from a 1st in class company. Your fish feeders are well constructed, perform as expected and the Pond King personnel treat their customers like family.
Bob H
We've been using the turtle traps now for quite a few years and they are still working as good as new. The traps are very effective in keeping the population in check. Overall a great well run company that does high quality work.
We just installed the Pond King Automatic floating fish feeder on our 5 acre pond in NY. We have pellet trained LMB, hybrid bluegill and channel catfish. The package came by freight delivery without a problem. The quality of construction and materials is top notch. 
Joe S

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