DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits (2-Person)
DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits (2-Person)
Couple Fishing on Minimal Assembly DIY Boat Kit
Couple Fishing in Muenster TX on Assembled DIY Boat Kit
Man Fishing on Boat made from a DIY Boat Kit
Couple Catching Trout on Assembled DIY Boat Kit
Woman Fishing from an Assembled DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kit

DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits (2-Person)

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If you are a do-it-yourselfer at heart, these boat kits are for you because you can take pride in your craftsmanship, as well as that of Pond King. Plus, these DIY boat kits can be a great project to undertake with your kids or grandkids. We estimate it will only take a few hours to build this floating platform ideal for two fishermen, and it’ll give you years to make great family fishing memories.

Weight Capacity
650 lbs.
Boat Weight
280 lbs.
Motor/HP Capacity
Electric Only
More Specs
  • Do-it-yourself kit
  • Build in a couple of hours
  • Great boat on a budget
Assembly Level

Very pleased with this boat. All parts were in the shipment and all fit as designed by the directions. I live on a 6-acre pond with 14 other neighbors. This is a perfect boat for a pond because you can't count how many times I dumped the water out of my other boats every time it rains. Thanks for the fast shipping, and a very well-designed boat. 

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 diy mini tied to shore

Pontoon boats on a budget

We’ve developed a DIY Boat Kit so you can build your very own Pond King Pontoon Boat with a modest budget. The different kits produce the same sized boat in the end. The difference is how much of the material we provide, and how much you will have to provide.

Since you can't just run down to the local hardware store and purchase pontoons, we figured we'd start there. You can choose to purchase the pontoons only, or you can opt for us to send you the motor mount,  pre-cut marine-grade carpet and the kick-rail with trim to finish off your deck with ease. With either kit, you'll need to purchase materials to build the frame and deck -- which you can pick up at the local store! In the end, you'll have a handy little 2-person fishing pontoon boat that is perfect for fishing private ponds.

Innovative design made with you in mind

Pond King has developed mini pontoon kits that are built with the same craftsmanship as Pond King’s other pontoon boats, but they’ve been designed so you can assemble them at home to cut the shipping costs and make our boats more accessible. 

Because of their size, these boats are only rated for an electric trolling motor - a 45-pound thrust with a 36-inch shaft would be just fine.

If you are looking for a boat that can handle a larger body of water where there may be waves or accommodate more than 2 people or is built completely of aluminum, check out our line of small pontoon boats.

 DIY boat building with two people


Seat Capacity
Deck Dimensions
4' x 8'
Deck Area
32 sq. ft.
Pontoon Length
5' each
Pontoon Diameter
Pontoon Thickness
Weight Capacity
650 lbs.
Motor/HP Capacity
Electric Only
Boat Weight
280 lbs.
Boat Width

More Details

The True DIY kit is just the 4 pontoons and brackets. You will provide everything else. We’ll send you a list of all the materials you’ll need to build your deck, plus: 

  • 4 welded aluminum pontoons (each 5’ long)
  • Hardware for bolting the pontoons to the deck frame
  • Optional Motor Mount (choose True DIY w/ Motor Mount)

If you’re confident in your woodworking skills, but not so sure about your carpeting and finish-work technique, you can opt to have us send you pre-cut marine grade carpet and a 6-piece kick-rail and trim package by choosing the Build Your Own Boat Kit Plus option. That will include: 

  • 4 welded aluminum pontoons
  • Hardware for bolting pontoons to the deck frame
  • A list of materials you'll need to build your deck and assembly instructions (Download them below so you can have your deck ready when the pontoons arrive)
  • Pre-cut, marine-grade carpet to cover the deck
  • Marine-grade glue and trowel for spreading
  • Motor Mount
  • 6-piece 6” kick-rail with edge trim package

The DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits ship in boxes via Fed Ex Ground.  It's a Boat in a Box -- well, BoxES! Each pontoon ships in its own box and weighs 34 lbs. 

The shipping rate will be calculated at checkout. 

The pontoons associated with the "Do-it-yourself" boat kits carry a limited lifetime warranty. We have made recommendations regarding the deck size, materials and construction. Any modification to these recommendations will nullify the warranty.
Pond King must receive payment in full for the mini pontoon boats before shipping or delivery. Generally, you can make a full payment when you place your order online. If, however, you would like to make a $1,000 deposit to get your boat into our production lineup and pay the balance with a check, please call us to make those arrangements.

You’ll receive complete assembly instructions for building the deck of your boat, including a materials list. We estimate it’ll take about 4 hours to complete the deck once you’ve obtained all your materials. If you’d like to get started building your deck so it’s ready when your pontoons arrive, download the instructions from this list: 

Have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you determine if the DIY Mini Pontoon Boat Kits (2-Person) is right for you.



No. You will have to purchase material to build the frame and deck of your choosing.
The DIY kits are designed to have a frame built out of 2x4s and a deck made of a sheet of plywood. If you have the skills to build it out of other materials, you're more than welcome to do so!
When built to our recommendations, the size of the deck on the DIY boat is 4'x8' and accommodates two people.
We have only tested the DIY pontoon boat kit for the size of deck we recommend -- 4' x 8'.  
We don't offer an aluminum frame and deck option for the DIY. To get that, you'd need to purchase the Pond King Patriot
No. The DIY pontoon boat is rated for electric trolling motors only. We recommend either a 45 lb. thrust or 55 lb. thrust.
All of Pond King’s mini pontoon boats are intended for 2 people fishing relatively small bodies of water. So, the other factors you should consider are your budget and ability to do some assembly. If you are very budget focused, and pretty handy, the DIY Boat Kit would be a good option. However, if price is important but you aren’t very good at building things, the Patriot could be right for you. If you want a fully-assembled boat you can just put out on your backyard pond, choose the Champ if you want to use a trolling motor to get around and the Aqua Cycle II if you prefer to get around under your own pedal-power.
All of Pond King's pontoon boats are made to order, right here at our facility in Lindsay, Texas. Once we receive your order, we'll get started building your boat but production time will depend on when you place your order. (If you are ordering between March and June, call for an estimated delivery time.) Some of our lead times have been impacted by supply chain issues. Please call to get an estimated ship date before placing your order. The boat kits are currently taking 1-3 weeks, whereas other boats are 4-5 weeks.
The DIY boat kit and the Patriot have 4 pontoons because we wanted to be able to ship these boats via common carrier. So, instead of one long pontoon on each side of the boat platform, we made two shorter pontoons. Functionally, on the water, they provide exactly the same stability and buoyancy as a single pontoon would, it is just that the smaller pontoons make it possible to ship the boats - which can be less expensive than delivery.
No. Because we are only providing parts of a boat, and not a completed one, the boat kits do not have a HIN (Hull Identification Number), and therefore, no title.
Once you've completed your pontoon boat, you'll need to check with your state to see who you need to contact and what's required. In most states, it's your parks and wildlife department. They'll need to do an inspection and provide you with a HIN (Hull Identification Number), and then you'll need to follow their rules and regulations regarding titling, taxes, and registration.
No. You'll need to purchase all parts of the seats you'll want to add to the boat.
Each pontoon is 5' long and 14" in diameter, and weighs 34 lbs.