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Pond King Ultra

Starting at: $7,795.00

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Pontoon fishing boat for the entire family - Pond King Ultra

If your goal is to get your family out fishing with minimal hassle, take a closer look at the Pond King Ultra. This compact pontoon boat has 14'5" pontoons and an 11'6" x 7' deck - that's 80.5-square feet for your family and all your gear. The Ultra was designed to be kid-friendly with a non-skid aluminum powder coated deck and 7" kick rails that come standard, but many customers add the extended railing for added peace of mind. This boat will only draft about 8-10 inches, so you can get back in the shallows easily to target spawning bass. Add the extended rail, depth finder, and livewell and you’ll have a freezer full of bass, slab crappie or catfish in no time.

Take your family fishing in comfort

The Ultra was designed to help you spend more quality time fishing with your family or friends, and less time tarping or storing your boat. With an all-aluminum welded frame and pontoons this fishing boat is low-maintenance, and won’t require bailing out after a storm. The Pond King Ultra also offers plenty of seating options so you can customize it to fit your family’s needs. Lightweight and maneuverable, low-maintenance and stable, with lots of room for your family - what more could you ask for from a compact pontoon fishing boat?

Pond King Ultra Standard Features

Pond King Ultra standard features include an all-aluminum, powder-coated deck; 3 deluxe seats; 3 standard rod holders; 7 in. kick rail; 2 off-deck trays; and an Anchormate with anchor. Use the "build your own" button below to start customizing your Pond King Ultra.

Title and license fees not included in price.

  • Mini Pontoon Boat Shipping Information
  • Pond King Ultra Specifications
  • Pond King Mini Pontoon Boat FAQ
    • The Ultra can be picked up at our location for free or will be hand delivered by Pond King with our "Turn Around Guarantee." If you’re not satisfied with your pontoon boat at delivery, we will “turn around” and refund your entire deposit.
    • The delivery charge for the Sport is $1.60/mile, one way, within 300 miles of Gainesville, TX. For anywhere else in the continental U.S., shipping is $1.85/mile, one way. Please call 940-305-0490 or email for a shipping estimate.
    • Pontoon Length: 14′5″
    • Pontoon Diameter: 20″
    • Pontoon Thickness: .080″
    • Deck Length: 11′6″
    • Deck Width: 7′
    • Deck Area: 80.5 sq. ft.
    • Seat Capacity: 5
    • Seats Included: 3 deluxe pedestal
    • Weight Capacity: 1,200 lbs.
    • Motor HP Capacity: 25 hp
    • Boat Weight: 650 lbs.
    • Once I've placed my order, how long will it take to get my Pond King Mini Pontoon Boat? All of Pond King's pontoon boats are made to order, right here at our facility in Gainesville. Once we've received your deposit, construction typically takes about 2-3 weeks.
    • Do Pond King Mini Pontoons require much maintenance? Pond King pontoon boats are designed to be low maintenance with welded aluminum subframes, heavy gauge pontoons, and stainless steel hardware. Unlike a V-hull or Jon-boat, Pond King pontoon boats don’t require constant tarping or need to be bailed out after a storm. Once delivered, your Pond King pontoon boat can pretty much stay in the water.
    • Is a trailer included with my Pond King Mini Pontoon Boat? Most of our customers have us put their boat on the water, and that's where it stays, so trailers don't come standard. If you’re planning on hauling, you’ll need a trailer and we have ShoreLand’r Trailers available for all models.
    • For more FAQ's please visit our Mini Pontoon Boat FAQ page

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