Electrofishing Services


Measuring Largemouth Bass during Electrofishing Survey

If you are looking to manage the fish population of an existing pond or lake, it’s critical to understand the health and composition of the current population. An electrofishing survey (AKA electroshock fish survey) is an excellent way to sample the fish population to determine which species you have and estimate their quantity, size and growth rate. Electroshock fishing is how Pond King got started, and it is the experience of our biologist that really sets us apart. In any electrofishing survey, forage fish are categorized by size and quantity, and predators are weighed and measured. How the electroshocking and the measuring processes are managed greatly influence the stress level of your fish, as well as the resulting data, report and recommendations.

Pond King Fisheries Biologist Conducting Electrofishing Survey

How Electrofishing Works

Sending enough electrical current through a body of water to stun fish without harming them or the people standing on a metal boat in that body of water is as much an art as it is science, and our biologist are masters at it. With more than 30 years combined experience, our biologist can make adjustments to their technique based on environmental factors, like ambient temperature, water temperature, relative depth, to run the lowest current through the water to obtain the desired sampling result while minimizing the stress to the fish. Using lower electrical current levels, our biologist then work quickly to measure and count the fish, using smaller sample sizes, but more samples across your pond or lake. This method gives our biologist the data they need to make very comprehensive, custom reports.

Pond King Fisheries Biologist Creating an Electrofishing Report

The Benefits of Pond King Electrofishing Surveys

While our sampling methods deliver quality data, it is the assessment of that data that really separates us from the competition. We don't just recycle cookie-cutter reports; we create each custom survey report from scratch. And it is the quality and comprehensive nature of our reporting that will have the greatest impact on your fish population over time. Our Fisheries Biologists will take into account environmental considerations such as your catch experience, pond depth, turbidity, forage population, habitat and predator population. We take a very holistic approach to our reporting so in a Pond King Electrofishing Survey Report, you can expect to see the following topics addressed:

  • Bass harvest or stocking
  • Supplemental forage
  • Habitat assessment
  • Aquatic plants
  • Vegetation control
  • Fertilization rates
  • Fry maturation
  • Disease intervention
  • Parasite and varmint control
  • Depth profile and erosion evaluation
  • Integrity of dam or overflow structure
  • Watershed assessment
This bottom-up approach to supplemental fish stocking provides more sustainable population management success.