Habitat Enhancement

Artificial Fish Habitat Enhancement

Pond King offers a wide-variety of products and services that will help keep your pond or lake healthy and perhaps one of most holistic services is our Pond Habitat Enhancement. Fish depend on aquatic plants, vegetation and other structure for cover, feeding, reproduction and/or hunting, with different types of habitat required at different life-stages within just one species. Providing the appropriate habitat relative to water depth helps with fish population management, as well as contributing to maintaining good oxygen levels, overall pond health and visual appeal.

Factors Influencing Habitat Enhancement

There are several factors that will affect your pond habitat enhancement plan, including your pond’s physical profile, its age and condition, your fishery goals and your overall budget. Your pond’s shoreline index and floor features are major considerations as they’ll influence your selection of spawning habitat and the types of habitat you’ll need to provide appropriate complexity and depth variability. Your pond’s shoreline index, age and condition will all influence vegetation control methods, while your fishery goals and budget will strongly influence the selection of aquatic plants and determine the necessity of any artificial habitat and its related installation.

Pond King’s Habitat Enhancement Services

Aquatic Plants

Artificial Fish Habitat Installation

Lake Mapping 

Vegetation Control


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