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Pond King Elite

Starting at: $17,999.00

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Five-man Small pontoon fishing boat - Pond King Elite

At 16 ft. 6 in., the Pond King Elite is the largest pontoon in our compact pontoon fishing boat line and comes standard with just about everything you’ll need for big lake fishing with your buddies. The subframe of this four-man Small pontoon fishing boat is 2″ welded aluminum tubing covered by tongue-n-groove aluminum decking with slip-resistant powder coating. The seats are bolted through the deck and into the frame with stainless steel fasteners – so even on the big lakes, you’ll be nice and secure. Just like all the Pond King Pontoon Boats, the Elite pontoon boat is built to get you where the fish are, hold its value, and last a lifetime.

How the Pond King Elite stacks up to a deck boat

If you are comparing the Pond King Elite with a deck boat, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind;

  • The Pond King Elite will have a smaller draft, allowing you to get into shallower waters than you could with a V-hull.
  • Unlike a V-hull of a deck boat, the pontoons on the Pond King Elite minimize the wake that could startle fish away.
  • Generally speaking, pontoon boats are more efficient than V-hull deck boats because they essentially sit on the water, rather than cutting through it, requiring less horsepower to achieve the same result.

Ultimately, you need to think about the type of water you'll be on and the number of people you want to take with you, but the Pond King Elite is a great 4-man fishing pontoon for the big ponds and lakes of Texas and Oklahoma.

Pond King Elite Standard Features

The Elite’s standard features include a center console with a glove box, a horn, a switch panel with a 12-volt receptacle, a Tohatsu outboard with power tilt & trim, an extended rail with side gate, 4 deluxe seats and 1 adjustable captain’s seat, 2 off-deck trays, navigational lights, a 20-gallon aerated livewell, 1 below-deck battery storage unit with wired front plug, 1 black plastic battery box, 2 Interstate batteries, 4 adjustable rod holders, an electric Anchormate with a 30 lb. anchor, an on-board 2 bank battery charger, and a fire extinguisher.

The Elite comes with two optional seating packages: 

  • Elite Seating Upgrade 1: Swap out the 2 rear pedestal seats and add a flip top bench at back and side. 
  • Elite Seating Upgrade 2:  Swap out the 2 rear pedestal seats and add a flip top bench at side plus a 55 in. bench, armrest and lean back recliner across the back. (See photo with carpet, carpet is an additional charge.)

Title and license fees not included in price.

  • Small Pontoon Boat Shipping Information
  • Pond King Elite Specifications
  • Pond King Small Pontoon Boat FAQ
    • The Elite can be picked up at our location or will be hand delivered by Pond King with our "Turn Around Guarantee." If you’re not satisfied with your pontoon boat at delivery, we will “turn around” and refund your entire deposit.
    • The delivery charge for the Elite is $1.60/mile, one way, within 300 miles of Gainesville, TX. For anywhere else in the continental U.S., shipping is $1.85/mile, one way. Please call 940-305-0490 or email for a shipping estimate.
    • Pontoon Length: 16′6″
    • Pontoon Diameter: 20″
    • Pontoon Thickness: .080″
    • Deck Length: 13′
    • Deck Width: 7′6″
    • Deck Area: 97.5 sq. ft.
    • Seat Capacity: 5
    • Seats Included: 4 deluxe pedestal, 1 adjustable captain's chair
    • Weight Capacity: 1,300 lbs.
    • Motor HP Capacity: 40 hp
    • Boat Weight: 800 lbs.
    • Once I've placed my order, how long will it take to get my Pond King Small Pontoon Boat? All of Pond King's pontoon boats are made to order, right here at our facility in Gainesville. Once we've received your deposit, construction typically takes about 2-4 weeks.
    • Do Pond King Small Pontoons require much maintenance? Pond King pontoon boats are designed to be low maintenance with welded aluminum subframes, heavy gauge pontoons, and stainless steel hardware. Unlike a V-hull or Jon-boat, Pond King pontoon boats don’t require constant tarping or need to be bailed out after a storm. Once delivered, your Pond King pontoon boat can pretty much stay in the water.
    • Is a trailer included with my Pond King Small Pontoon Boat? Most of our customers have us put their boat on the water, and that's where it stays, so trailers don't come standard. If you’re planning on hauling, you’ll need a trailer and we have ShoreLand’r Trailers available for all models.
    • For more FAQ's please visit our Small Pontoon Boat FAQ page

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