Pond Management Plans

Pond King, Inc. was founded on the premise that Life is Better Down at the Pond. The best way to ensure you have great experiences down at your pond or lake is to make certain that body of water is as healthy as it can be. Pond King fisheries biologists provide on-site maintenance programs for ponds and lakes within a 150-mile service area. We do all the work, so you can just enjoy your life Down at the Pond.

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Keep Your Pond or Lake Healthy with Pond King Pond Management Services

In addition to full-service pond maintenance services, we can help you select more limited plans to help you accomplish your fishery goals. We can help you manage your habitat with either Pond King Honey Hole artificial structures, or we can help you determine which types of aquatic plants would be most beneficial to your pond’s ecosystem and manage the installation of either. We also offer a variety of vegetation control programs, including stocking the right combination of fish. For more comprehensive strategies, we also offer lake mapping and electrofishing services.

Pond King Pond Management Service Area

DIY Pond and Lake Management Services in the palm of your hand with the Pond King App

The Pond King DIY Pond and Lake Management App puts fisheries biologist pond management plans in the palm of your hand. The App features a Bass-o-Meter - which allows you to not only measure the health of an individual Bass but will also allow you to track many entries to determine the overall health of you Bass populations. There’s a Pond 101 section which features fish identification, fish stocking plans, and fishing tips and techniques. You can also use the App to “Ask the Pro” to get information on the fly - just reach out to our “fish guys” and ask questions about your fish and or pond. You can use the “Built by Pond King” to view and purchase any of our Pond King manufactured products - including our Artificial Fish Habitat, Fish Feeders, and Turtle Traps - to help keep your pond and fish in tip-top-shape.