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Floating Dock Kits for Ponds and Lakes

Floating Dock Kit Options

Looking for an affordable way to add a floating dock to your pond or lake? We’ve got the perfect thing! Our Aluminum Framed Floating Dock kits are a modular solution to building your own dock from scratch and a cost-effective way to get the dock of your dreams. The floating dock kits include a welded, all aluminum tubular frame with channel cross-bracing. Each modular 4’ x 8’ section comes with 2 InsulBead Floats to keep your walkway and dock high and dry. For all but the 8 ft. x 12 ft. deck with 16 ft. walkway, you can choose to apply your own decking, or we can ship with our TimberTech decking already affixed. Because of its weight,  the 8 ft. x 12 ft deck with 16 ft. walkway does not come with an option for decking. 

Aluminum Floating Dock Kits are Lightweight, and Easy to Install

Your floating dock kit sections will arrive on pallet, with the floats already bolted to the frames. All you’ll need to do is bolt the frames together and, if you order without decking, apply your own decking. If your pond is located within 150 miles of our facility in Gainesville, TX, you can also opt to have Pond King deliver and install your dock kit. For more information regarding installation options, please call (940)202-3055.

Pond King Floating Dock Kits can be shipped FREE to any commercial address in the continental U.S.

Floating Dock Kits Ship via Freight on a Pallet

The docks ship on large, heavy pallets. A tractor or forklift is needed to unload them, which is why we can only ship free to commercial addresses. If you absolutely have to have a residential delivery, call us to see if it is possible for your location and to quote. Customer pick-up is also available for free. 

Floating Dock Kit Standard Features

  • Welded, all aluminum tubular frame with channel cross-bracing
  • Each modular 4’ x 8’ section comes with 2 InsulBead Floats 
  • Decking is available for all but the 8 ft. x 12 ft. deck with 16 ft. walkway

    Floating Dock Kit Decking Colors

    If you choose to purchase your floating dock kit with decking, the standard is Dark Teak TimberTech, but you can also choose Maritime Grey for no additional charge, although that could impact the lead time on your dock kit. Please call for more details. 

    Dark Teak (Standard)
    Dark Teak
    Maritime Grey
    Maritime Grey

    Please keep in mind, the Floating Dock Kits were designed to be used on ponds or small lakes with consistent water levels, moderate winds and no wave activity. If that doesn't describe the body of water where you want to put your dock, please check out our Steel or Aluminum Framed Docks

    • Floating Dock Kit Shipping Information
    • Floating Dock Kit Specifications
    • Floating Dock Kit FAQ
      • In order to qualify for free shipping, the floating dock kits must be delivered to a commercial address with the ability to unload large pallets.
      • If you live anywhere in the continental U.S., your floating dock kit will be shipped to you via Common Carrier Motor Freight and you'll need to install the dock yourself.
      • 4 ft. x 8 ft. sections
      • Welded, 2” x 3” aluminum tube frames
      • 3” aluminum channel cross-members
      • Two (3’x4’x12”) foam-filled polyethylene floats per section
      • TimberTech decking
      • Once I place an order for a floating dock kit, how long will it take to be delivered? Our dock kits are typically in stock and you can expect delivery in 2 to 3 weeks. 
      • How long is the walkway that is included with the floating dock kit? The 8 ft. x 8 ft. dock comes standard with an 8 ft. walkway, and that is the longest walkway we’d recommend for that dock. You can choose an 8 or 12 ft. walkway for the 8 ft. x 12 ft. dock.
      • What does shipping to a commercial address mean? Shipping to a commercial address means shipping to a location with access for 18-wheelers that have the ability to unload over-sized pallets onto a loading dock. This can be a business location close to your home, or we can find a carrier transfer station. Your boat will be delivered and off-loaded to that location. Once there, you can de-palletize your dock and load it into the bed of a truck. Or, if you have a flatbed trailer, the dock can be transferred to your trailer for you to get it the rest of the way home. It is important to note that freight companies do not consider farms or ranches to be commercial addresses, even though you may have both the room for the 18-wheeler and the equipment to offload your dock. Please call for more information.
      • What is the Floating Dock Kit Warranty?
        Pond King Floating Dock Kits were designed to be used on ponds or small lakes with consistent water levels, moderate winds and no wave activity. The aluminium frame and welds of the Floating Dock Kits carry a 1-year warranty from Pond King. The TimberTech Decking carries a 25-year limited warranty, and the InsulBead Floats are all encapsulated polyethylene shell with UV inhibitors and carry their own warranty.
      • For more information please visit our Floating Dock Kit FAQ page

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