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5924 US-82, Gainesville, TX 76240

Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm

Meet The Team

The Pond King Family
Front and center with his lovely wife Ronda is owner and founder Brad Metzler. 

Brad Metzler,  Founder, President & Owner

The Facts: Brad grew up fishing small ponds and creeks close to his home and developed a love of being outdoors. As such, it was no surprise to Brad’s parents, or anyone else for that matter, when he pursued a degree in Wildlife & Fishery Sciences at Texas A&M University. Shortly after graduating from Texas A&M, he seriously considered several career paths that would allow him to do what he loved - spend time outside working with fish. He quickly decided that Recreational Fisheries Management provided the greatest opportunity. In 1995, shortly after getting married, he built his own electro-shock equipment and started conducting electrofishing surveys.

Brad has grown Pond King by adding products and services based on his clients’ wants and needs, like building floating docks that could withstand the dramatic water elevation changes typical in Texas ponds and lakes. Or custom building small pontoon boats - ideal for pond and lake owners who want to spend time fishing their ponds, or even some of the bigger fisheries in North Texas. Or creating environmentally safe, artificial fish habitat to address fish population management in a truly holistic fashion. Passionate about fishing and methodical in his approach to business, Brad continued to expand his pond and fishery management services, adding fish stocking, lake mapping, water quality control, vegetation control, aquatic plants and habitat installation, all in service of improving experiences “Down at the Pond.” While the range of products and services have grown, one thing remains consistent: Pond King, Inc. is the manifestation of Brad’s commitment to family, his stewardship of the outdoors, and his integrity in all matters.

More about Brad: When asked what he likes most about owning Pond King, Brad will tell you it is seeing his employees derive the same pleasure from their job as he does his: helping people have a better outdoor experience because of the work we all do at Pond King. For Brad, true success is seeing more children outside, spending time with their families, fishing, hunting or just throwing stones in a crystal-clear pond, rather than with their heads-down playing video games or watching TV.

Mark Neu, Production Manager

The Facts: Like many of the people who work here, Mark is a true blue-Texan, born and raised just miles from where he lives now. He grew up on a dairy farm, and he attributes his work ethic which serves him so well to his parents and to that experience. With the quiet confidence you’d expect from someone who grew up working with animals, Mark manages the production side of Pond King. Leading with intention and by example, Mark is well respected by the folks who work with him on the shop floor. He leverages his experience as a hunter and fisherman to continually look for ways to improve our duck blinds, boats and docks. If you own a Pond King pontoon boat or dock, you have met Mark through his work.
More About Mark: Mark, his wife, and four sons live in Muenster, Texas, where Mark serves on the Volunteer Fire Department. He loves spending time with my family, and also enjoys hunting, fishing, coaching his boys sports’ teams and shooting guns. Mark looks forward to everyday at Pond King. He takes a great deal of personal pride in the quality of the products he helps produce knowing our compact pontoon boats and floating docks bring years of joy to the families that buy them.  

Jill Roush, Sales & Office Manager

The Facts: Jill hails from Worthington, Minnesota and despite living in Texas since 2012, remains loyal to her Norwegian roots and hometown team, The Vikings (we love her anyway). With a degree in Graphic Design from Minnesota West Community & Technical College, Jill joined the Pond King team in the Fall of 2012, developing all our marketing materials, working on our websites, and helping with sales. Honest, hardworking, easy-going, Jill quickly became an integral part of the Pond King team and now is involved in all things related to the sale and manufacture of our boats and docks, and almost everything else we do. When you call for information about or to purchase a dock or boat, you’ll be talking to Jill.
More About Jill: What does Jill like most about her job? It may sound corny, but it’s true: Jill loves the fact that when she sells a boat or a dock, she isn’t just selling a product, she’s helping families get outside together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Want make her day? Stop by and introduce yourself, or send a photo because she especially likes seeing how happy our products make people. Jill lives in Gainesville, Texas with her husband and loyal dog, Trixi and enjoys fishing, playing piano, photography, and playing card games ... like Pinochle.

Veronica Williams, Director of Marketing & Special Projects

The Facts: A graduate of the Isenberg School of Business at Umass Amherst, Veronica has been a marketing executive for most of her professional life. She has experience in all aspects of marketing including developing brand strategy, executing multi-channel campaigns, and overseeing website development and reconstruction. Either as an advertising agency owner or working directly for her clients as an employee, she’s delivered results for ski resorts, outdoor sports equipment companies, law firms, energy companies, and financial institutions. Veronica joined Pond King in the spring of 2018 to help relaunch both and A believer that marketing is just a way to have individual relationships with a lot of people at once, she’ll also help us do a better job connecting with and staying connected to you, our customers.
More About Veronica: Tired of cold weather and with a hankering to barrel race more competitively, Veronica moved to Texas with her husband in 2016. They now live in Callisburg with 3 horses, 2 cats and a dog named Lucky. The things Veronica loves most about working at Pond King are (in order): marketing one of the best companies she’s ever worked for; answering the phone; fish-feeding time.

Sharon Reed, Accountant

The Facts: Born just down the road in Denton, Texas, Sharon grew up in Pilot Point and attended Texas Woman’s University in Denton, where she graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors’ in Business Administration. Since 2017, Sharon has been the accountant at Pond King, but she does a lot more than our books. In addition to her accounting tasks, Sharon processes on-line sales orders, helps out with our store, Lake Pro Tackle, and is essentially our HR manager, too, remembering everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries, and managing Pond King’s employee benefits.  
More about Sharon: Sharon and her husband have 4 grown children, 5 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and 2 dogs named Rascal and RJ. Dedicated to her family, including her father who still lives in Pilot Point, Sharon’s hobbies include watching football (she’s a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys), traveling and shopping. In addition to the people she works with, another thing Sharon enjoys about her job at Pond King is that she finally gets to do what she likes, instead of having to like what she does!

Kenny Fleitman, Sales & Service Manager

The Facts: A native Texan, Kenny was born and raised right here in Gainesville. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Texas Tech, Kenny came to work for Pond King in 2013 and is now our Sales & Service Manager. Highly organized and a bit of a perfectionist, Kenny manages and schedules all our pond maintenance services to maximize productivity and your results. He’s also in charge of our fish-stocking inventory, ensuring that we are well stocked with the species you need, and maintaining their health while in our care and during transport to and from Pond King. While Kenny recognizes our work is all about improving the quality of “Down at the Pond” experiences, which is really all about having fun, he takes our role in that very seriously and sets the bar for customers service high. If you’ve ever called Pond King with questions about fish, fish stocking, artificial fish habitat or pond management services, you’ve probably already met Kenny.
More about Kenny: Kenny loves his role in the electroshocking fish surveys because of the level of engagement he gets to have with our customers and because of the impact this service can have on our clients’ ponds. Kenny is married and, God bless him, has six (count ‘em, 6) girls, who all still live at home. Currently, he spends most of his “free” time fighting for space in the bathroom and supporting his daughters extracurricular activities. We all expect that as the girls get older, he’ll spend more time cleaning his gun.

Garrett Lee, Senior Fisheries Biologist

The Facts: Garrett was born in Portales, New Mexico. While he had always enjoyed fishing, he enrolled at New Mexico State University in pre-veterinary studies. To pay his way, Garrett got a job as a research tech working with biodiesel production and shrimp aquaculture. After spending a season on the water designing, consulting and managing the aquaculture systems to raise saltwater shrimp indoors, Garrett had a change of heart and became a Fisheries and Wildlife Science major. Now, Garrett spends his days working with Pond King clients to help them achieve their fishery goals for ponds and lakes of all sizes. Through a consultative approach, he makes recommendations for their ponds, and then helps execute those plans by delivering and stocking fish, installing artificial habitat, conducting electroshock surveys, or managing aquatic vegetation. Having grown up in agriculture and being a part of 4-H and the Future Farmers of America, there just isn’t any quit in Garrett.
More About Garrett: Garrett loves that as the Senior Fisheries Biologist he gets to spend most of his time out in the field and takes a great deal of pride in not only the results we achieve, but the methods we use to get them. Garrett is married, has two beautiful daughters and still supports the 4-H and FFA by raising show cattle. His other hobbies include silversmithing and leather work.

Steve Corcoran, Store Manager & Sales

The Facts: A life-long outdoorsman and craftsman, Steve joined Pond King as the store manager for Lake Pro Tackle in 2018. If you’ve got questions about our fishing gear - Steve’s your man. He has experience with an amazing about of our products, and what little he doesn’t know, he’s eager to find out for you. He can also help you if you have questions about our compact pontoon boats or floating docks. Not one to be idle, Steve is a master woodworker and you’ll find some of his craft in our store just outside of Gainesville.
More About Steve: Delivered by nuns in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Steve moved to the Gainesville area with his parents in the late ‘60’s. While he’s bounced around a bit, Gainesville is where he and his wife of 25 years (as of 2018) call home. They’ve raised two beautiful daughters, both of whom are in college, and are a great source of pride and joy for Steve and his wife. Like any good fisherman, Steve is a master of conversation, so it’s no surprise that his favorite part of working at Pond King is the people.