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Standard Steel-framed Floating Docks

Regular price$10,809.00
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A unique multi-hinge system makes the Steel-framed Floating Dock the right choice for you if you live in Texas or Oklahoma where the water in our ponds and lakes have the tendency to fluctuate quite a bit, sometimes as much as 10 feet. Plus, with an all-welded galvanized steel frame, these docks are stout enough to withstand the extreme weather conditions, and the composite decking translates to no maintenance.
Water Fluctuation
Up to 10'
4-10 People
Walkway Lengths
20' | 32'
More Specs
  • No maintenance required
  • Unique multi-hinge system
  • Stable platform for fishing or lounging
  • Built to withstand extreme weather
  • Lots of railing options available
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Once the dock, walkway, and accessories were installed, you far exceeded anything I could have imagined. I can say without reservation that my Pond King dock has transformed our ordinary stock tank into a fantastic recreational attraction that will be enjoyed by family and friends for decades to come. 
Art S., Verified Customer
 floating dock in water - no maintenance

No-maintenance design means more memories down at the pond

Made with a 12- and 14-gauge welded steel frame, extremely-dense composite decking, and hot-dipped, galvanized fasteners, our docks are virtually maintenance-free. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to fish your backyard pond or lake without any hassle at all, this is the perfect thing for you! 

Highly stable platform for all kinds of family fun

The welded galvanized steel frames are very rigid torsionally, so there is very little flex side-to-side. Plus, we add lots of flotation capsules, so the standard steel-framed dock is extremely stable, making it great for swimming, fishing, docking the boat and just about anything else you can think of doing on a floating dock. 
 steel dock with kids jumping off
 steel dock hinge system

Multi-hinge system to accommodate water level fluctuations

The Standard Steel-framed Dock with a 20-foot walkway has a hinge at the shoreline and another between the walkway and the deck, and the 32-foot walkway comes with one more. It is this multi-hinge system that allows the docks to float on the water as it rises or falls - as much as 10-feet. 

Lots of options to customize your dock

Keep your dock simple, or deck-it-out all the way because with our Standard Steel Docks, you've got lots of options. Add railing to one side, or all the way around. Gates are a great idea if you've got young-ones you're worried about or livestock that like to wander. And there are plenty of seating and fishing options, too. Click the "Build Your Own" button to design your own dock, or give us a call for a custom quote.
 steel dock on shore


Water Fluctuation
Up to 10'
4-10 People
Walkway Lengths
20' | 32'
Deck Sizes
T-Dock | 12'x8' | 12'x10' | 16'x12' | 20'x14'
Installation Options
PK Installation(TX/OK Only)

More Details

The Standard Steel-framed Floating Docks come standard with the following features:

  • Welded galvanized 12-gauge steel frame with 14-gauge C-Purlin bracing on 16” centers
  • Hot-dipped galvanized fasteners and components
  • TimberTech® composite deck board
  • Polyethylene encapsulated floats w/ UV inhibitors
  • 8’ wide base (4 piers in 3’ of concrete)

The Standard and Deluxe Steel-Framed Floating docks are only available in Texas or Oklahoma and are always delivered and installed by Pond King dock specialists. When you order your dock online, these fees will be added as you build your dock and checkout. If you order your dock on the phone, you’ll receive an estimate that includes installation and delivery. For your information, here are the installation and delivery fees per mile.
Standard-steel Floating Dock Installation:

  • 12-ft x 8-ft docks: $1,295.00
  • 12-ft x 10-ft  docks: $1,295.00, plus $150 per state oversized hauling permit
  • 16-ft x 12-ft docks: $1,695.00, plus $150 per state oversized hauling permit
  • 20-ft x 14-ft docks: $1,695.00, plus $150 per state oversized hauling permit
Deluxe-steel Floating Dock Installation:
  • 12-ft x 16-ft docks: $1,895.00, plus $150 per state oversized hauling permit
  • 14-ft x 20-ft docks: $1,895.00, plus $150 per state oversized hauling permit
Steel-floating Dock Delivery Fees: 
  • In Texas or Oklahoma: $4.25/mile one way, within 249.9 miles of Gainesville
  • In Texas or Oklahoma: $4.75/mile one way, within 250 to 499 miles of Gainesville
  • In Texas or Oklahoma: $5.25/mile one way, 500 miles or more from Gainesville
  • Oversized Docks In Oklahoma: $5.75/mile one way for all docks larger than 12' x 8'
  • The Standard Steel and Deluxe Steel-framed Floating Docks carry a 10-year limited warranty on the galvanized steel frames and welds. The TimberTech Decking won’t crack, split, splinter, or rot, and carries a 25-year limited warranty. The InsulBead Floats are all encapsulated polyethylene shells with UV inhibitors and carry their own warranty. We intend for your family to enjoy your Pond King dock for years to come and will stand behind our products. Sadly, if damage is caused by acts of God, you'll have to take the matter up with Him.
    The supply chain issues that started with the first round of COVID-19 haven’t gotten better. Sometimes, when we order materials, we don’t know the price until the day we accept delivery. Despite these challenges, when you purchase your dock from Pond King, we honor that price - even if delivery takes several months to build and ship. The way we are able to do this is that we ask for a 50% deposit at the time of purchase so we can secure the price of materials. The balance will be due upon delivery or prioer to shipping.

    Have more questions?

    We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you determine if the Standard Steel-framed Floating Docks is right for you.



    That’s easy: If you want a cover for your dock, choose the Deluxe because the awning is included in the price. And you can choose from six different metal colors for the awning and the trim.
    Yes, you can add a 36” high railing made of 3 galvanized-pipe rungs just about anywhere you want on either the Standard or Deluxe Steel-framed docks and walkway. Gates can be added, too.
    Our docks are all made to order and our lead time varies based on the season in which you order your dock. During the off-season, lead times may be as short as 5-6 weeks. Between March and July, it maybe longer. For the best estimated turnaround time, please call. Remember, these docks are built completely at our shop and then loaded onto a trailer and delivered and installed at your lake, so whether you order online or on the phone, we’ll have to ask a lot of questions about access to the installation site.
    Yes. Unless there is a good reason not to have a 32-foot walkway, that’s our recommendation. It gives you the most benefit of the hinge system. Plus - we’ve never ever heard someone say “I wish my walkway was shorter.” But we often get calls for extensions. That said, we know every situation is different, so we also offer a 20-foot walkway. The grade of your bank will help us determine what the best length of walkway would be for your lake or pond. Because every situation is different, it’s best if you can send us a photo of where you’d like the dock installed. We can build walkways over 32-feet in extreme cases, but that will require additional support structures like outriggers and pole guides.
    All of the Steel-framed Floating Docks are anchored with an 8’ wide steel base set into four 3’ deep piers of fast-setting concrete. There are no cables or pipes needed on our setups.

    We use a composite decking material called TimberTech. We’ve chosen TimberTech because it is one of the densest decking products on the market, as you can see from the chart below.

    BrandModulus of Elasticity (Strength in PSI)Plastic CompositionWood Composition
    TimberTech542,200Recycled High-density polymersMostly cabinet-grade maple with fasteners removed
    Fiberon/Veranda (Home Depot)477,000Recycled High-density polymers80% softwood with hardwood as recycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
    Trex175,000Recycled bags &bottlesRecycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
    Moisture Shield/Choice Deck (Lowe's)100,000Recycled bags &bottlesRecycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
    Tamko EverGrain53,000Recycled bags &bottlesRecycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
    All docks come standard with Coconut Husk colored TimberTech decking, but Sea Salt Gray is available at no additional charge. Other color options may be available for an additional charge. Lead time may vary for colors other than the Coconut Husk. Please call for more options.
    We typically deliver and install our Steel Framed Docks within 500 miles of our location in Gainesville, TX – including into Oklahoma, but for all but the 12-ft x 8-ft Standard Steel Dock, we have to add $150 per state for the oversized hauling permit. If you need a dock and live outside that range, check out our aluminum floating docks which can be shipped nationwide.
    Our docks are built up, in full, in our shop and then loaded onto a trailer pulled by a 4 x 4 pickup. The trailer is backed into the water and the dock is floated off (similar to unloading a boat). Whether you order your dock on the phone or online, we’ll have to ask a lot of questions about access to the installation site to make sure the truck and trailer will be able to get down to the water.