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Honey Hole Spawning Discs

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If you have a pond with multiple species that are dependent on each other for growth, then successful reproduction is key to a self-sustaining fishery. Bluegill and redear are especially important to forage production that feeds top predators like bass, crappie and catfish. Bluegill and redear both build disc shaped nests in shallow water throughout the year to spawn. Unfortunately, most of this reproduction is lost due to poor spawning habitat. Most earthen ponds have 2-12 inches of silt that smothers the eggs soon after they are laid. A popular solution is to add pea gravel to provide a hard bottom for nest building but this process is expensive and over time the gravel can be silted over or eroded out of the spawning zone.

  • Enhance recruitment of nesting species
  • Increase pre-hatch survivorship by keeping eggs free from silt 
  • Increase hatching success by 300-400%

Use the Honey Hole Spawning Disc to enhance recruitment of nesting species.

      Our solution is the Honey Hole Spawning Disc, which is a 20” concave poly disc that is elevated off the bottom of the pond. If you have a pond with a pretty firm base, you’ll want to use the Honey Hole Spawning Disc with Stake option. This includes a 9” PVC stake for each disc that will keep the disc elevated. However, if your pond has a very silty or sandy bottom, or a you have some sort of liner, you’d want to choose the the Spawning Disc with Weight Option. The Weight Bracket easily attaches to the Spawning Disc, keeping your Disc in place, about 7” inches off the pond bottom.

      The Honey Hole Spawning Disc will not rot. It provides a stable, solid surface for bluegill, redear, bass, and crappie to deposit their eggs. Also, other forage fish including fatheads and threadfin shad, will use the underside of the disc to attach their eggs. When the fry hatch, they will have a ready supply of algae that will grow around the edges and beneath the disc. Just one successful spawn will produce more than enough added value in fish to pay for the Honey Hole Spawning Disc.

      Sold in 3 or 12 packs

      The Spawning Disc with Stake Option Includes:

      • (3 or 12) 20” Discs
      • (3 or 12) 9” PVC Stakes 
      • (3 or 12) Flat Washers 
      • (3 or 12) Phillips Head Screws

      The Spawning Disc with Weight Bracket Option Includes:

      • (3 or 12) 20” Discs
      • (3 or 12) Steel, Powder Coated Weight Brackets
      • (12 or 48) Self-Drilling Screws

        The Honey Hole Spawning Discs ship free in the continental U.S.

          • Assembly Instructions
          • Honey Hole Spawning Disc Specifications
          • Pond King Honey Hole FAQ
              • Stake Option: Attach the stake to the disc using a screwdriver, placing the washer between the head of the screw and the top of the disc. 
              • Weight Bracket Option: Attach the weight bracket to the underside of the disc using the included self drilling screws.

             Download complete assembly instructions

            • Size: 20” Concave Disc 
            • Height on Stake (in.): 12
            • Height on Weight Bracket (in.): 8
            • Single Disc Weight (lbs.): 2
            • Water Depth (ft.): 2-4
            • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
            • Why is fish habitat so important? Fish like cover. They either go to it to feed, or they go to it to avoid being eaten. Submerged vegetation is valuable as habitat for predatory species like Bass or Crappie and for forage species like Bluegill. Pond King’s fish biologists designed the Honey Hole product line to augment or replace naturally occurring aquatic vegetation to attract game fish (the fish that use cover as ambush to help them feed) and protect forage fish. Our artificial fish habitat is designed for pond and lake owners to help with fish population management.
            • Is the Honey Hole Artificial Fish Habitat environmentally safe? All the Honey Hole artificial fish habitat is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is designed to be assembled without any toxic glues or adhesives, so yes it is safe for the environment. In fact, given that it doesn’t degrade overtime and minimizes the number of lures snagged that land on the bottom of the lake or pond, some might even say our artificial fish habitat is good for the environment.
            • Is it hard to install the Honey Hole Artificial Habitat? Absolutely not! The Honey Hole, and the Honey Hole Reed, Brush and Grass can just be tossed into the water from your boat or the shore. You just drop the Dock Dropper from your dock (as the name implies), secure it to your deck and you are good to go. The Honey Hole Canopy requires just a little more effort; you just have to attach it to a weight (not included), and then drop it the water.
            • For more information, please visit our Artificial Fish Habitat FAQ page. 

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