Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster
Pond King Duck Buster

Pond King Duck Buster

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Pond King’s Duck Buster is a pontoon hunting boat featuring “double drop” shooting panels. With a 72 square foot deck, you and three of your buddies can stay hidden until the very last second because the shooting panels drop away simultaneously with just a nudge. Plus, you’ll stay high and dry, afloat on two 15’ pontoons, and the anchor poles ensure a stable platform from which to shoot.

  • Welded aluminum frame
  • Drop-away shooting panels
  • Heavy-duty, plastic netting
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Duck Buster Blind and Boat (blunt end on pontoons)

+ $0.00

Buck Buster Blind and Boat (pontoons with cones)

+ $660.00

No Additional Accessories

+ $0.00

RoboCup Cup Holder (holds 2 cups)

+ $32.00

Humminbird Helix DI

+ $499.00

Depth Finder Pedestal

+ $69.00

Sliding Dog Ladder

+ $439.00

(14) Fast Grass Mats - not installed

+ $448.00

Short Rail

+ $489.00

Composite Shelf Upgrade

+ $299.00

Camo Battery Operated Clamp-on Light

+ $99.00

Pedestal Seat Covers

+ $33.00

Dog platform & blind (18"x24")

+ $499.00

55 lb. Minn Kota Endura Max Tiller (12v - 42" shaft)


80 lb. Traxxis Tiller (24v)


3.5 hp Tiller


6 hp Tiller


9.8 hp (elec. start)


Circuit Breaker


Telescoping Extension Handle (17"-25")


Telescoping Extension Handle (24"-40")


Splash Shield (LG)


Battery Box (Black; Plastic w/ Stainless Clips)


Below Deck Battery Storage w/ Wired Plugs


Single Bank Battery Charger w/below-deck hatch


Double Bank Battery Charger w/below-deck hatch


Solar Battery Charger (12w - incl. bracket)


(2) Solar Battery Chargers (12w - incl. bracket)


Interstate Trolling Battery


(2) Interstate Trolling Batteries


Additional Tank Tray & Bracket


Trailer - 2" hitch; incl. jack (MD)


Spare Tire and Holder (LG)


(TX Only Required) Title & Filing Fee


(TX Only) Boat Registration - LG


(Required for Trailer) Trailer Registration


(Required for Outboard Motor) Outboard Title








 duck buster cones with dog

Stay dry and out of sight

Add a motor to your Duck Buster, and you can boat to your favorite hunting spot and set the anchor posts without ever stepping into the water. If you’ll be traveling some distance, you can add the optional cones to the pontoons for improved maneuverability. And, with the double drop shooting panels, you can stay under cover until the very last second knowing the panels simultaneously drop away with just a nudge of your hand. 

Low-maintenance, hunting pontoon boat

The Duck Buster blind has an all-welded aluminum frame encased in heavy-duty, plastic netting from which to hang your camouflage. The pontoons are also welded aluminum and the decking is made from marine-grade plywood. The Duck Buster requires very little maintenance so you can spend more time hunting, and less time taking care of your blind.


Blind Dimensions
Seat Capacity
Pontoon Length
Pontoon Diameter
Pontoon Thickness
Deck Area
72 sq. ft.
Weight Capacity
1200 lbs.
Motor/HP Capacity
10 hp
Boat & Blind Weight
850 lbs.
Boat & Blind Height
Boat & Blind Width
Blind Door
27.5"x 47"
Dog Platform

More Details

The Pond King Duck Buster standard features include: 

  • 15 ft., blunt-ended aluminum pontoons 
  • Welded, all-aluminum blind frame
  • Double-drop shooting panels
  • Heavy-duty plastic netting 
  • Marine-grade plywood deck panels
  • (4) Tempress All-Weather Camo seats with flush mounts and pull out posts
  • (1) off-deck battery tray
  • (2) ammo trays
  • (4) anchor poles

Have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you determine if the Pond King Duck Buster is right for you.



Not everyone travels far with the duck blind and needs it to cut through the water. The blunt ends work great if you’re not traveling very far, and the cones help cut through the water if you’ll be using a trolling or outboard motor on the boat.
Unfortunately, there’s not enough room for a dog platform on the boat with the blunt ends. It’s only an option on the boat with the cones.
We have had requests for customers who want to use the DuckBuster as a hunting boat during hunting season, but then a fishing boat during fishing season. The 6” short rail option allows you to do just that! You simply remove the duck blind from the platform, and attach the 6” short rail option. It has angle around the bottom and wraps around some in the back, and is open in the front like the short rail on our regular pontoon boats. It’s purpose is to help keep tackle boxes/coolers/etc. from accidentally falling over the edge.
We replace the two small trays on the inside of the blind with a composite deck board with a lip that runs the full length of the blind. This will give you more space to set ammo boxes, coffee cups, cell phones, etc. It also has 4 notches cut out to rest your guns against.
The Fast Grass Mats make for a really great wind sail when traveling down the road, and we don’t want them to get torn apart during transit. It’s best you install them once you get the blind where it’s going.
If you’re a Texas resident, there are taxes and titling that are required and will be collected on your order. Registration is only required if you’re taking the boat on public waters. If you’re not a Texas resident, you’ll need to check with your home state to see what’s required.