duck hunting skid blind with optional fast grass and dog platform
skid blinds lined up
back of skid blind
Dog Box on Skid blind
Adjustable legs on skid blind
Height adjustment on skid duck blind
Bench with backrest inside duck blind
Floats for transporting duck blind
man standing next to duck blind
Duck Hunting Skid Blind
Duck hunting skid blind for hard to reach places
skid duck hunting blind
Pond King Skid Blind
Easy to move duck hunting skid blind

Pond King Skid Blind

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The Duck Skid Blind is specifically designed for those tough-to-get-to spots the ducks seem to love. With an all-welded aluminum blind frame and steel skids, you can drag or haul this blind to your favorite, out-of-the-way spot. If your favorite hunting spot is across the water, add the aluminum pontoon floats to get the duck blind where it needs to go, and then use the adjustable skid supports to set the blind just in or above the water.


  • Easy to transport
  • Keeps you high and dry
  • Fumble-free shooting panel
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 skid blind panels open with ducks

Never miss another shot fumbling with panels

We designed the Duck Skid Blind to make sure you never miss a shot again because you were fumbling with panels. The panel opens with just a nudge, allowing for easy shooting access.      

Stay dry and out of sight

The Skid Blind comes with independently adjustable skid supports with a 12 to 36-inch range, so you can create a level along the shoreline, but still stay out of the water. The heavy-duty fencing is perfect for adding plenty of local flora to keep you hidden until the very last moment. Plus, you can keep your dog undercover, too, with the optional bolt-on dog platform and ladder. 
 stay dry dog box
 skid blind build from scratch

Built from scratch and made to last

We make the Duck Skid Blind to order at our facility in Lindsay, Texas. The frame is all-welded aluminum, the skids are made from steel and we use heavy duty fencing for the blind ‘walls.’ We intend for this blind to last a lifetime, even if you leave it out all year long. 


Blind Dimensions
Overall Length
10' 4"
w/ Dog Platform
11' 5"
Height on Skids
Skid Dimensions
6"x 34"
Adjustment Range
Seat Capacity
Dog Platform

More Details

The Duck Skid Blind standard features include: 

  • Drop-away front panel
  • Independently adjustable skid supports (12 in.-36 in. range)
  • 7 ft. aluminum painted bench
  • Green exterior paint
  • Heavy-duty, plastic netting

Skid Blind Options Include:

  • Pontoon Floats
  • Backrest for Bench
  • Bolt-on Dog Platform with Ladder
  • Fast Grass Mats
  • Galvanized Platform & Legs Upgrade

Have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you determine if the Pond King Skid Blind is right for you.



Please call us at  940-291-2667. We'd be happy to provide you with an estimate and/or walk you through an order over the phone.
The bench inside the Skid Blind is 7’ long, and can comfortably seat 3-4 hunters.
No. the floats on the Skid Blind are only for floating the blind to its location while you wade/walk next to it. They are not meant for hauling people.
The Fast Grass Mats make for a really great wind sail when traveling down the road, and we don’t want them to get torn apart during transit. It’s best you install them once you get the blind where it’s going.
At this time the Skid Blind can only be picked up at our location, or delivered by a hot-shot driver. Please call for a delivery estimate.