Aluminum-framed Floating Docks
low profile aluminum floating
Aluminum-framed Floating Docks
aluminum floating dock on water
aluminum floating dock with railing and benches
floating dock with gray decking
fishing with dog on floating dock
Aluminum-framed Floating Docks
aluminum floating dock with swim ladder

Aluminum-framed Floating Docks

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Pond King's natural looking Aluminum-framed Docks can be added to any pond or lake in the U.S. that has relatively consistent water levels. A heavy-duty hinge system where the walkway meets the dock will allow your floating dock to rise and fall up to 4 feet with the water level. And ample flotation means you’ll barely feel the dock sway as you move around.
Water Fluctuation
Up to 4'
3-8 People
Walkway Lengths
10' | 20'
More Specs
  • No maintenance required
  • Unique hinge-system
  • Stable platform for fishing or lounging
  • Self-install for shipped docks
  • Low-profile look with deck skirting
  • Sleek looking
  • Modular-type assembly
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Build Your Own

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Build Yours Now

10'x8' w/ 10' WW

+ $0.00

10'x8' w/ 20' WW

+ $1,840.00

12'x10' w/ 10' WW

+ $2,810.00

12'x10' w/ 20' WW

+ $4,650.00

16'x10' w/ 10' WW

+ $5,630.00

16'x10' w/ 20' WW

+ $7,470.00

20'x10' w/ 10' WW

+ $8,450.00

20'x10' w/ 20' WW

+ $10,290.00

Coconut Husk

+ $0.00

Sea Salt Gray

+ $0.00

Dark Cocoa

+ $0.00

No Railing

+ $0.00

(10'x8') Back & Sides

+ $1,150.00

(10'x8') Railing All Around No Gate

+ $1,650.00

(10'x8') Railing All Around w/ Front Gate

+ $1,790.00

(12'x10') Back & Sides

+ $1,450.00

(12'x10') Railing All Around No Gate

+ $2,050.00

(12'x10') Railing All Around w/ Front Gate

+ $2,190.00

(16'x10') Back & Sides

+ $1,650.00

(16'x10') Railing All Around No Gate

+ $2,450.00

(16'x10') Railing All Around w/ Front Gate

+ $2,590.00

(20’x10') Back & Sides

+ $1,850.00

(20’x10') Railing All Around No Gate

+ $2,850.00

(20’x10') Railing All Around w/ Front Gate

+ $2,990.00

No Walkway Railing

+ $0.00

10-ft. Left Single-Side Railing

+ $500.00

10-ft. Right Single-Side Railing

+ $500.00

10-ft. Double Sided Railing

+ $1,000.00

20-ft. Left Single-Side Railing

+ $1,000.00

20-ft. Right Single-Side Railing

+ $1,000.00

20-ft. Double Sided Railing

+ $2,000.00

4' Aluminum Bench


4' Powder-coated Aluminum Bench


Aluminum Table


Powder-coated Aluminum Table


Boat Cleat


Flush Mount Rod Holder


Fixed Swim Ladder


Hinged Swim Ladder


Mounted Pond King Fish Feeder mounted on Bracket




Boat Bumper



+ $0.00

TX 10'x8' Install

+ $1,095.00

OK 10'x8' Install

+ $1,095.00

TX 12'x10' Install

+ $1,245.00

OK 12'x10' Install

+ $1,395.00

TX 16'x10' Install

+ $1,345.00

OK 16'x10' Install

+ $1,495.00

TX 20'x10' Install

+ $1,445.00

OK 20'x10' Install

+ $1,595.00


+ $950.00


+ $950.00


+ $950.00


+ $1,150.00








 dock being transported on flat bed truck

Easy to install, low-maintenance design

When you order an Aluminum-framed floating dock from Pond King, it will be shipped to your location in several modular pieces which you bolt together and float onto your pond. Since we build our Aluminum-framed Floating Docks on all-welded aluminum frames made from 1.5 inch square tubing, use composite decking, hot-dipped, galvanized fasteners and components and floats made from encapsulated polyethylene shell with UV inhibitors, these docks will last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance.

Low-profile, natural looking stable platform

These docks sit low on the water so they won’t change the aesthetics of your pond. And even though the frame is all welded aluminum, it’s completely encased by the TimberTech composite decking which gives these docks a very natural look. Because we include lots of floatation, these docks are also incredibly stable, so they make great platforms for fishing or just hanging out. 
 dock with man giving thumbs up
 hinged aluminum dock on water

Unique hinge-system to accommodate water level fluctuations

The Aluminum-framed floating dock is secured to the shoreline using a 10' steel base anchored with 4 steel stakes. Then, the walkway is attached to the base using a stout hinge-system. This hinge acts as a fulcrum, allowing the deck to handle up to a 4-foot change in water elevation. 

Lots of options to customize your dock

If you’ll be using your floating dock for fishing tournaments for the grandkids, or for an evening visiting with grandparents you can add a railing for extra security. We offer fixed and hinged ladders for easy access if you plan to use your deck for swimming or tying off your boat, and there are  several furniture options that are designed to be bolted on so you don’t have to worry about them blowing away when you aren’t around.  

 dock with bench on it


Water Fluctuation
Up to 4'
3-8 People
Walkway Lengths
10' | 20'
Deck Sizes
10'x8' | 12'x10' | 16'x10' | 20'x10'
Installation Options
Self Installation
PK Installation (TX/OK Only)

More Details

The Aluminum-framed Floating Docks come standard with the following features:

  • Welded frame made from aluminum 1.5” square tubing
  • Hot-dipped galvanized fasteners and components
  • TimberTech® composite deck boards
  • Encapsulated polyethylene shell w/ UV inhibitors

The DIY Floating Dock Kits or Aluminum-framed floating docks can all be picked up for free at our headquarters in Lindsay, Texas. But, we can also ship both the DIY Dock Kits and the Aluminum-framed Floating Docks. If we are shipping your DIY Dock Kit, it will be sent via Motor Freight, including residential delivery with an appointment and a lift-gate. The Aluminum-framed Floating Docks also ship via Motor Freight, but because of their size, we’ll probably need to find a commercial address close to you where the semi-trailer truck can unload the dock. We’ll work with you on this, so give us a call.
If you live in Texas or Oklahoma you can opt to have Pond King install your Aluminum-framed Floating Dock and one of our drivers will deliver the dock to your property. These rates can all be calculated in your cart, but for your information, here are the installation and delivery fees per mile.

Installation : 
  • 10-ft x 8-ft docks: $1,095.00
  • 12-ft x 10-ft docks: $1,095.00, plus $150 hauling permit per state
  • 16-ft x 10-ft docks: $1,195.00, plus $150 hauling permit per state
  • 20-ft x 10-ft docks: $1,295.00, plus $150 hauling permit per state
  • Less than 249.9 miles from Gainesville, TX: $4.25/mile one way
  • Between 250 to 499 miles from Gainesville, TX: $4.75/mile one way
  • 500 miles or more from Gainesville, TX: $5.25/mile one way
  • In Oklahoma: $5.75/mile one way for all docks larger than 10' x 8'

Pond King Floating Dock Kits were designed to be used on ponds or small lakes with consistent water levels, moderate winds and no wave activity. As long as the dock kit is installed as intended, the aluminum frame and welds of the Floating Dock Kits carry a 1-year warranty from Pond King.

The Aluminum-framed Floating Docks carry a 10-year limited warranty on all aluminum frames and welds. The TimberTech Decking won’t crack, split, splinter, or rot, and carries a 25-year limited warranty. The InsulBead Floats are all encapsulated polyethylene shells with UV inhibitors and carry their own warranty. We intend for your family to enjoy your Pond King dock for years to come and will stand behind our products. Sadly, if damage is caused by acts of God, you'll have to take the matter up with him.
When you purchase your dock from Pond King, we honor that price - even if delivery takes several months to build and ship. The way we are able to do this is that we ask for a 50% deposit at the time of purchase so we can secure the price of materials. The balance will be due upon delivery or prior to shipping.

Have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you determine if the Aluminum-framed Floating Docks is right for you.



There are two main factors to consider when trying to to decide between a DIY Dock Kit or an Aluminum-framed Floating Dock: 

  1. How much does the water in your pond fluctuate?
  2. How big of a dock do you want?

The DIY Dock Kits are intended for bodies of water that are very constant (fluctuating less than a foot), and are only available with an 8-ft x 8-ft or 12-ft x 8-ft deck. If the water level in your pond fluctuates between one to 4-feet, you’ll need to go with the Aluminum-framed Floating dock - which is also available in larger sizes. 

All of our docks, including the dock kits, are built to order and our lead time varies depending on when you place your order - if you order in the off-season, it could be as short as 3-4 weeks. If you order between March and July, or if we are installing your Aluminum-framed Dock, it may be longer. The best thing to do is call for an ETA.
Yes - as long as there’s room for a semi to get to and from your house. When you order your DIY Dock Kit online, shipping will be calculated at checkout, and that rate includes residential delivery, a delivery appointment and a lift gate to get the pallet down from the truck. Depending on your location and access to the property, the aluminum-framed Docks can be delivered on a flatbed trailer or in a semi-truck. Equipment to offload the pieces would be required. Call our office to discuss your property and to see what option may be available.
On the Aluminum-framed Floating Docks we offer two walkway lengths. A 10-foot walkway works well if you have a constant water level on your pond, or a 20-foot walkway if you have a water fluctuation level of 4' or less. We also offer two walkway lengths on the DIY Floating Dock Kits. You can choose either an 8-foot or 16-foot walkway. It’s important to remember the DIY Dock Kits are only intended for small ponds with consistent water levels.
The sectional Aluminum-framed Floating Docks are designed to be self-installed using a 10' steel base anchored with 4 steel legs which you drive into the shoreline. In extreme circumstances, you can relocate the base. Similarly, the Floating Dock Kits come with a steel base that is 44.5-inches wide, with 25.5-inch stakes which you’ll concrete into the ground.

We use a composite decking material called TimberTech. We’ve chosen TimberTech because it is one of the densest decking products on the market, as you can see from the chart below.

BrandModulus of Elasticity (Strength in PSI)Plastic CompositionWood Composition
TimberTech542,200Recycled High-density polymersMostly cabinet-grade maple with fasteners removed
Fiberon/Veranda (Home Depot)477,000Recycled High-density polymers80% softwood with hardwood as recycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
Trex175,000Recycled bags &bottlesRecycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
Moisture Shield/Choice Deck (Lowe's)100,000Recycled bags &bottlesRecycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
Tamko EverGrain53,000Recycled bags &bottlesRecycled, #3 grade, oak shipping pallets with fasteners
All docks come standard with Coconut Husk colored TimberTech decking, but Sea Salt Gray is available at no additional charge. Other color options may be available for an additional charge. Lead time may vary for colors other than the Coconut Husk. Please call for more options.
Awnings are not available on the DIY Dock Kits of the Aluminum-framed Floating docks. The powder coated dock table with umbrella is a popular add-on to provide some shade on the Aluminum-framed Floating Docks. If you really want an awning, check out our Deluxe steel framed docks.
Railings are not available for the DIY Dock Kits, but are on Aluminum-framed Floating Dock. For an additional fee you can add a 32" high aluminum, powder coated rail anywhere you want on any of the aluminum docks and walkways.