Two-man Pontoon Fishing Boat Kit
Patriot Mini Pontoon Boat Pontoon
Patriot Mini Two-Man Fishing Pontoon Boat
Patriot Mini Two-Man Fishing Pontoon Boat
Patriot Two-man Fishing Pontoon Boat
Fully Assembled Pontoon Boat Kit
Fishing Pontoon Boat for Ponds and Lakes
Patriot Mini Two-Man Fishing Pontoon Boat
Patriot Mini Two-Man Fishing Pontoon Boat

Patriot Mini Two-Man Fishing Pontoon Boat

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We make the Patriot two-person pontoon boat with the same high standards we apply to all our boats, but we designed it to ship in pieces to save you money. The 14” pontoons are welded aluminum; the deck has an aluminum frame with marine-grade plywood and carpet; and it comes with two seats and a 6 in. aluminum kick rail. Just bolt the railing to the deck, and the deck onto the pontoons and you are ready to hit the water.

Weight Capacity
650 lbs.
Boat Weight
220 lbs.
Motor/HP Capacity
Electric Only
More Specs
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Ships via motor freight
  • Aluminum decking upgrade available
Deck Options
Power Setup
My new Pond King Patriot is the best pond boat period. Boat is sturdy and big enough to easily fish from.  I love the over all design. It was simple to assemble and get on the water to start fishing. I highly recommend. 
Ernie M., Verified Customer
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 two people assembling patriot

Assemble your boat in minutes

The Patriot two-man fishing boat is so easy to assemble the only tools you’ll need are a ratchet and sockets. In less than an hour, you’ll have yourself a stable, highly-durable two-man pontoon fishing boat ideal for pond hopping or targeting limited access spots on your favorite lake.

Years of fishing memories with very little maintenance

By design, pontoon boats require less maintenance than their v-hull cousins. You never have to worry about tarping or bailing these boats out. And, while the Patriot comes standard with an aluminum-framed marine-grade plywood and carpeted deck, you can choose to upgrade to an all-aluminum deck for an even more durable, light-weight option.

Stability and comfort

One of the reasons pontoon boats are so popular is that their design makes them considerably more stable than other, similarly sized boats. But the other thing that is great about these boats is you sit on a pedestal, swivel seat that is easier on the back and knees. Plus, as the fight on your line moves around the boat, you can easily turn your seat or stand up to land your catch. With a Patriot pontoon boat, you can fish with confidence and comfort.


Seat Capacity
Deck Dimensions
4' x 8'
Deck Area
32 sq. ft.
Pontoon Length
5' each (x4)
Pontoon Diameter
Pontoon Thickness
Weight Capacity
650 lbs.
Motor/HP Capacity
Electric Only
Boat Weight
220 lbs.
Boat Width

More Details

The Pond King Patriot comes standard with these features;

  • A completed deck with welded-aluminum frame, two seats, posts, and mounts bolted down
  • A rear transom motor mount, attached 6 in. kick-rail 
  • 4 all-welded aluminum pontoons
  • The hardware for bolting the pontoons to the completely assembled wooden deck
  • Premium, marine-grade red carpet
  • Blue and Grey Tempress All-Weather Seats

You can customize your Patriot Pontoon Boat by choosing from these upgrade packages: 

  • Powder-coated Tall Rail: Includes the 16 in. powder-coated aluminum welded rail
  • Aluminum Deck Upgrade: Skid-resistant powder-coated, tongue and groove aluminum decking
  • Power Setup: This option includes a 45 lb. Minn Kota Endura Max tiller trolling motor, circuit breaker, and battery box with a wired plug
The Patriot ships via Motor Freight, including residential delivery with a lift-gate and the rate is calculated at checkout. If you pick up your Patriot, we will build it with two 10-foot pontoons instead of four 5-foot pontoons. 

The Champ and the Patriot carry a limited lifetime warranty on any manufacturer defects on frames, welds and pontoons. Any accessories not manufactured by Pond King carry their own manufacturers’ warranty and are handled directly with those respective manufacturers.

The Aqua Cycle II is manufactured by American Pleasure Products and comes with a 2-year Limited Warranty.
Pond King must receive payment in full for the mini pontoon boats before shipping or delivery. Generally, you can make a full payment when you place your order online. If, however, you would like to make a $1,000 deposit to get your boat into our production lineup and pay the balance with a check, please call us to make those arrangements.

To assemble the Patriot:

  • Lay the pontoons around the deck at the four corners. Then, lift the rail off the deck and set aside. 
  • Set the deck frame on top of the pontoons so the frame sits in between the square tube and bracket on each pontoon. Once you have your deck lined up, set the railing on top of your deck matching up the colored/numbered dots.
  • Using a socket and wrench, secure the railing and deck to the pontoons. 
  • Attach the transom to the frame.
  • You’ll receive complete assembly instructions with your boat, or you can download those instructions here.

Have more questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you determine if the Patriot Mini Two-Man Fishing Pontoon Boat is right for you.



All of Pond King’s mini pontoon boats are intended for 2 people fishing relatively small bodies of water. So, the other factors you should consider are your budget and ability to do some assembly. If you are very budget focused, and pretty handy, the DIY Boat Kit would be a good option. However, if price is important but you aren’t very good at building things, the Patriot could be right for you. If you want a fully-assembled boat you can just put out on your backyard pond, choose the Champ if you want to use a trolling motor to get around and the Aqua Cycle II if you prefer to get around under your own pedal-power.
All of Pond King's pontoon boats are made to order, right here at our facility in Gainesville. Once we receive your order, we'll get started building your boat but production time will depend on when you place your order. (If you are ordering between March and June, call for an estimated delivery time.) A typical lead time is around 4-6 weeks for completion, depending on the season.

It is very important that you examine your shipment BEFORE accepting it. Here’s how to properly receive a shipment: 

  1. Inspect all boxes/pallets and make sure you have all the pieces to your order.
  2. Check the bill of lading from the delivery company to make sure you have all your boxes/pallets.
  3. Report any missing boxes/pallets to the driver and NOTE ON THE BILL OF LADING. Get it in writing!
  4. Next, inspect all the boxes/pallets for anything that looks like damage. If there is a punctured or smashed box/pallet, open it, and make sure that there is no damage.
  5. In the event of damage, you must report it to the driver and NOTE ON THE BILL OF LADING. If you do not note the damage on the bill of lading, you are confirming that you received the goods in perfect condition, and you release both Pond King and the shipping company of any liability on the shipment. While we will do what we can to help you out, ultimately Pond King is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping by a third party.
We will either have one of our employees drive the boat to you or we will contract with a “hot-shot” driver to deliver it. If you ordered your boat with a trailer, they’ll drive it right to the address you’ve provided and go over the boat with you. If you ordered either of these boats without a trailer, as long as you have adequate access, our driver will launch the boat into your private pond or lake for you and you are ready to go.
The DIY boat kit and the Patriot have 4 pontoons because we wanted to be able to ship these boats via common carrier. So, instead of one long pontoon on each side of the boat platform, we made two shorter pontoons. Functionally, on the water, they provide exactly the same stability and buoyancy as a single pontoon would, it is just that the smaller pontoons make it possible to ship the boats - which can be less expensive than delivery.
The main difference between Pond King’s mini and small pontoon boats isn't just their capacity (the mini boats are 1 or 2 person) but also the size body of water for which they are appropriate. The Pond King mini pontoon boats are intended for smaller bodies of water, specifically ponds or limited access fishing on lakes, whereas the small pontoon boats can handle larger bodies of water.
Yes, the Patriot, Champ and Aqua Cycle II boats all come with an MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) and a HIN (Hull Identification Number).
In Texas, if you are only using your boat on your private property, you don’t need to register it. However, if you’ll be transporting your one-person boat to public waters, registration is required. If you’re not a Texas resident, we recommend checking with your state to find out the laws and requirements.
Because of the small pontoons and blunt ends, the Patriot is best suited for an electric trolling motor only. Without cones on the front of the pontoons, the boat will plow through the water, and no, sorry, we don't have an option to build this with cones. If you're looking for a boat that can be operated with a small outboard motor, you'll need to bump up to the Sport model.