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Floating Docks

Here at Pond King, we believe the best times are those spent “down at the pond” and nothing reflects our commitment to enhancing that experience for you more than our pride in the construction and quality of our docks.

Design your own floating dock

Our highly-experienced dock experts can help you design the perfect dock for your pond and your budget, or you can use the “Build Your Own” button to design it yourself. Whichever way you choose to design your dock, it’ll be built from scratch right here in Gainesville, Texas.

The first step in designing your dock is deciding if you want a steel or aluminum frame. While aesthetics come into play here, as with so many things in life, when it comes to floating docks, form follows function. Use the chart below to help decide which dock framing material will best suit your needs.

Assemble your own floating dock

To provide a broader range of budget options, we have developed a third floating dock option – Floating Dock Kits. Choose a floating dock kit if you are looking for something smaller than our fully-assembled aluminum floating docks, able to assemble and install yourself, and looking for a dock kit that can ship for free.

Help Me Choose

Which floating dock frame material to choose is a function of the location of your pond or lake, how much the water level fluctuates, and the type of railing package and awning options you want.

Choose a Floating Dock Kit if:

  • Your pond or lake is located in Continental U.S.
  • You want a deck 8’ x 12’ or smaller
  • The water level fluctuates less than 3’-4’
  • You are able to self-install
  • You want an economic solution for a floating dock
  • An 8 ft. or 16 ft. walkway is sufficient

Choose an Aluminum Floating Dock if:

  • Your pond or lake is located in Continental U.S.
  • You’d like a larger deck size (12’ x 10’ to 20’ x 10’)
  • The water level fluctuates less than 4 ft.
  • You want to be able to relocate relatively easily
  • You want optional railing packages
  • You want a 10 ft. or 20 ft. walkway

Choose a Steel Floating Dock if:

  • Your pond or lake is located in Texas or Oklahoma
  • You want a lot of deck size options (12’ x 8’ to 20’ x 14)
  • The water level fluctuates as much as 10 ft.
  • You are looking for a turnkey, permanent dock
  • You want a variety of railing and awning options
  • You need a 20 ft. to 32 ft. walkway

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Floating Dock Kit Aluminum Tubing Frame with Floats
8x10 Aluminum-Framed Floating Dock by Pond King
Standard Steel Dock (12'x8')
T-Dock (12'x4')
12x10 floating aluminum dock with boat bumpers and bench
Standard Steel Dock (12'x10')
Aluminum Dock (16'x10')
Aluminum Dock (20'x10')
Standard Steel Dock (16'x12') with Multi-Hinged Walkway and Access Ramp
Standard Steel Dock (14'x20') with Galvanized 3-Pipe Railing
Deluxe Steel Dock (12'x16') with Awning and Railing included
Deluxe Steel Dock (14'x20')