Pond Management

Pond King offers on-site management programs for ponds and lakes within a 150-mile service area. If you live outside that area, or you’re a “do-it-yourselfer,” we also sell a variety of products to help you keep your pond or lake healthy. No matter where you are, our fisheries biologists can help you develop a pond management plan and choose the right equipment to get you there.

Pond Management

Fish Habitat

Pond King’s artificial habitat offers the benefits of submerged natural vegetation without the concern of disrupting your ecosystem

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    Aerators & Fountains

    Aeration provides your lake with an insurance policy by delivering a constant and predictable source of oxygen.

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      Pond Maintenance

      Feed your fish, not the turtles! We offer a variety of pond maintenance products to help keep your pond and fish healthy.

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         variety of artificial habitats and feeder on shore of pond

        Keep Your Pond or Lake Healthy

        We can help you select the ideal combination of pond habitat to accomplish your fishery goals, manage your habitat, and determine which types of aquatic plants would be most beneficial to your pond’s ecosystem. We also offer a variety of vegetation control programs, including stocking the right combination of fish.

        Aerators will save your fish

        Aeration provides your lake with an insurance policy by delivering a constant and predictable source of oxygen. This will provide you with overall better water quality, algae control, better growth rates in fish, and better fish health and immunity.
         multi-color aerating fountains on a pond

        Grow bigger fish with fish feeders

        Automatic fish feeders are a great way to supplement the food source of your pond or lake to grow bigger fish faster. The fish feeders add more calories to your feeding program to grow those trophy bass and cats!

        Learn why our customers choose Pond King pond management products time and time again

        The Mounted Fish Feeder is a top quality product from a 1st in class company. Your fish feeders are well constructed, perform as expected and the Pond King personnel treat their customers like family.
        Bob H
        I purchased this turtle trap for my husband, he loves it. The first time he checked it, it had 24 turtles in it in only one week out. We are still pulling more out every week. We had no idea there could be so many turtles in our pond. They were eating all of our small baitfish. It is very well made and a great design. Recommend buying one.
        Pamela S
        I received the Pond King floating feeder today and it was actually feeding fish this afternoon. Can’t say enough good things about my experience with you all: ordered the feeder on Tuesday, you shipped from Texas on Wednesday, I received today (Wednesday), and with the easy assembly was feeding fish this afternoon.
        Ronny H

        Pond Management Planning Made Easy

        Not sure where to get started on your pond management plan? Follow our goal assessment to get started

        Pond Management Guide

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        Customer Service

        Creating a pond management plan for your property is a big project! If you’re unsure on how to get started - Kenny is here to help answer your questions.