Aerators & Fountains

Lakes and ponds receive oxygen by natural processes like surface disruption through wind and rain, and aquatic vegetation converting CO2 and light energy into oxygen. These natural processes are not always a reliable source of oxygen, which puts your lake at the mercy of the weather. Aeration provides your lake with an insurance policy by delivering a constant and predictable source of oxygen. This policy provides you with overall better water quality, algae control, better growth rates in fish, and better fish health and immunity.

Bottom Aerators

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Decorative Fountains

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Aerating Fountains

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Surface Aerators

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Light Kits

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 surface aerator

Prevent major fish kills on your pond

All fish need oxygen to survive in your pond. However, many naturally occurring processes like stratification and algae build-up can deplete the oxygen levels in your pond. A fountain or aerator can regulate the movement of oxygen through your pond and help prevent major fish kills.

Provide dependable oxygen levels year round

A high-quality aerator will move oxygen from throughout your pond water depths and help keep your oxygen levels at acceptable ranges during stratification events or sudden temperature changes that can have a huge impact on the oxygen levels in your pond. 
 underwater aerators
 multi-color aerating fountains on a pond

Improve the look of your pond

Fountains and surface aerators can have an immediate impact on the look of your pond while providing beneficial oxygen movement throughout your pond.