Bass Measuring Kit | Pond Management
Bass Measuring Kit | Pond Management

Bass Measuring Kit | Pond Management

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Measure the Weight and Length of Your Bass

When you are ready to take your pond management to the next level, one of the first steps is determining what you already have in your pond. If you are focused on creating a quality bass fishery, you need to understand the health of your current population. The easiest way to do that is to measure and weigh the bass you're catching using Pond King's Bass Measuring Kit. Here's what is included: 

Rapala 50LB Mini Digital Scale

The Mini Digital Scale measures up to 50 lbs. with precision accuracy. Pocket size features a digital display, tare weight, 4-minute shutoff feature ensures 400-hour life with one 9V battery (not included). Chrome-plated hook and water-resistant design. Pound or kilogram measure.

Hagen's Hawg Trough: 30" 

  • Special design that cradles the fish and holds it steady for accurate measurement. Readable form either side.
  • Injection-molded out of high impact polystyrene with UV protector.
  • Inches model measures from 8" to 30" in 1/4" increments.

Learn how to weigh and measure your fish

Pond King Fisheries Biologist Ethan Stoke explains how to measure your bass.