Community Floating Docks

enhancing family fun & quality time spent outdoors

Invest in Community Spirit and Recreational Opportunities with a Sturdy and Accessible Floating Dock

Whether you’re looking to provide a nice place for visitors to sit and enjoy the view or offer a designated space to fish for your community, our floating docks are a great fit.

Quality Materials, Quality Construction

We offer top-of-the-line floating docks for communities seeking the best solutions for their waterfronts. Our floating docks feature a distinctive hinge system that adjusts to varying water levels and are crafted from either welded aluminum or steel frames. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, these floating docks sit low in the water, preserving the visual appeal of your pond, and are decked with TimberTech composite decking for a natural look. Additionally, the ample flotation of these docks ensures outstanding stability, making them perfect for recreational activities such as fishing or simply enjoying the waterfront.

Maintenance-free Docks for Long Lasting Investments

For community leaders seeking a low-maintenance solution for their waterfronts, our floating docks are the perfect choice. Made using only the finest materials, including composite decking, hot-dipped galvanized fasteners and components, and floats with a robust polyethylene shell and UV inhibitors, these docks are built to last. With virtually no maintenance required, our floating docks are a long-term investment that will provide your community with a reliable, attractive waterfront for generations to come.

In-House Manufacturing from Start to Finish

If you’re looking for the highest quality floating docks, look no further. Pond King has full control over the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that every aspect, from bending and cutting frames to final installation, is handled in-house. We do not outsource any part of the process, ensuring a level of quality that is unmatched. Due to our 100% in-house manufacturing, we can guarantee our customers will experience top notch customer service that reflects our commitment to excellence. You can provide your community with a durable and attractive waterfront solution, secure in the knowledge that it’s been built and installed by a team that’s truly cares.

Spacious platforms designed to be enjoyed by all

Provide a quality waterfront experience for your whole community with our floating docks. Available in various sizes to fit your specific needs, our docks feature a 4-foot wide walkway and deck options ranging from 10'x8' to 20'x10', providing easy and stable access to the water. Every dock is built with ADA compliant railing, ample flotation, and an innovative hinge system that adjusts to changing water levels, ensuring a safe and stable experience for community members of all ages.

Learn why customers choose Pond King time and time again


The City of Krugerville wanted to improve a 10 acre pond for public use. We chose Pond King for stocking with bass and for water maintenance based on reviews. When the time came to install a floating dock and fountain, we also chose them. It is the best decision we could have made. The dock is made in-house by Pond King and the quality and workmanship are superior and the fountain is of highest quality. The prices are more than competitive factoring service and quality.

City of Krugerville

Working with Pond King has been so simple. They made the entire process effortless, from selecting the best dock size for our pond, installation advice, and questions afterwards, their customer service is always quick and easy. After our dock was vandalized I reached out for help with repairs and they worked quickly to provide the best solution to fit our needs. Even though they’re miles away the Pond King employees act as if they’re friendly and helpful neighbors from a local small town business and that makes a big difference!

City of Beebe, Arkansas

I want to thank you for your attention to detail when it came to outfitting the boat to be wheelchair accessible. The boat is very stable and easily accessible via a short ramp from our dock to the boat. My sister and I fish every day, the only problem is that she always catches more fish than me!

Julia, verified customer

Pond King’s Promise

We stand behind everything we sell because we build it from start to finish. Because at the end of the day, life is all about enjoying the outdoors and spending time with the ones you love down at the pond – not worrying about replacing docks or boats that are falling apart.

Guaranteed Warranty

Pond King docks carry a 5-year limited commercial warranty on all aluminum frames and welds. The TimberTech Decking won’t crack, split, splinter, or rot, and carries a 15-year limited commercial warranty. The Hendren Floats are all encapsulated polyethylene shells with UV inhibitors and carry their own warranty.

Made in America
Grade A Customer Service

About Pond King

Pond King believes in enhancing your pond experiences with high-quality pond products, boats, and docks handmade in Texas, USA. Learn more about us today.


Aluminum-framed Docks

Pond King's Aluminum-framed Docks can be added to any pond or lake in the U.S. that has relatively consistent water levels. A heavy-duty hinge system where the walkway meets the dock will allow your floating dock to rise and fall up to 4 feet with the water level.


Steel-framed Docks

A unique multi-hinge system makes the Steel-framed Floating Dock the right choice for Texas or Oklahoma ponds where the water in our ponds and lakes have the tendency to fluctuate quite a bit, sometimes as much as 10 feet.


More About Pond King Docks

The advantage of having a floating dock is that it always maintains the same distance from the water, regardless of the water fluctuations. This is particularly important in Texas where the water level can change as much as 10 feet in the course of one year. On the other hand, if the pond level increases, a fixed dock can become a danger quickly or become unusable if the water level exceeds the height of the dock during a storm or a particularly heavy rain season.

Floating docks rise and fall with the water, providing benefits to both boating and fishing. If your community will be using the dock to access small boats or kayaks, it will be easier to get in and out from a floating dock, as the water level will always be the same distance away from the top of the deck. If you had a drought situation with a fixed dock, members would have to watch that first step down to the boat’s deck…it might be a doozie! 

In terms of fishing, a floating dock offers easy access to the water surface, making it easier to pull up your catch. A large gap between the dock and water makes it more challenging to retrieve your fish and may result in losing your catch. Save your community from another story about the one that got away!

Typically, when a stationary dock is built, it is constructed on the water with a steel or wood framework, and coated with paint or sealant. Over time, the water is going to deteriorate the paint, the steel will start to corrode, or the wood will begin to splinter and rot. Therefore, your investment begins to lose value from day one and may eventually become a safety hazard. With the support structure being underneath the water, you also can never really know the condition of a stationary dock.

Another advantage of a floating dock is the quality of materials that are used. Pond King uses polyethylene-encased flotation, which is non-reactive to water and maintains its structural integrity even when submerged. The encapsulated floats also eliminate the worry of styrofoam beads breaking down and creating an unsightly and dangerous situation for wildlife.

Pond King uses TimberTech composite deck boards, which come with a 15-year commercial limited warranty. This type of decking is not only aesthetically pleasing but also low-maintenance and barefoot-friendly, thanks to its smooth, durable nature. 

In contrast, wooden decks are vulnerable to the elements and prone to rotting, splitting, and warping. Maintaining a wooden deck can also be costly, with the constant need for staining and treatment of the boards.

With composite decking, you can say goodbye to splinters and the hassle of sanding and staining the boards. Community members can enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved ones can play on the dock without worry, and maintenance teams can turn their attention to other projects.

Some individuals might be apprehensive about the stability of floating docks, as they believe it to be unstable due to its floating nature. However, Pond King docks are incredibly sturdy and secure. Many of our clients have noted how stable our docks feel, and that they don't have the sensation of floating at all. This is because Pond King builds our docks with an excess capacity, surpassing the customer's requirement, and adhering to the ADA standards.

  • 4-foot wide walkway 
  • 4” high wheelchair bump around the perimeter of the dock 
  • Standard Railing Package:
    4-Rung, 42” High on Both Sides of Walkway, Back and Sides of dock; Front of Dock is 4 Rung and 34” high 
  • Treadplate access ramp to bridge the gap between the walkway and ground

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