Ranch King Texas Avenger Fish Feeder

Texas Avenger Fish Feeder

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Manufactured by MB Ranch King, the Texas Avenger requires no assembly, it easily mounts to a dock or inclined pond bank. Its patent-pending leg system comes installed and rotates and tilts as well.

    25" x 27" footprint
    80-250 lbs
    Solid steel
    More Specs
    • Battery and solar panel included
    • Eliminator spinner plate keeps varmints away
    • Easy access to timer and battery
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    25" x 27" footprint
    80-250 lbs
    Solid steel
    1 feeder/acre

    More Details

    • Solid Steel Construction
    • 12-volt system with solar panel and remote control
    • Tilt 45°
    • 180° Horizontal rotation
    • “The Timer” – programmable up to 6 feed times daily
    • Hinged lid with strut
    • No-retained feed funnel system
    • Feeder footprint: 25" x 27"
    The Pond King Mounted Fish Feeder ships via ground and the Floating Fish Feeder ships via freight on a pallet. We only ship to physical addresses in the continental U.S., and the freight fee will include residential delivery with a lift gate and appointment. The shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

    We offer a 10-year structural integrity warranty on the all-aluminum, welded, powder coated body. The Timer has a 5-year warranty and the motor, remote and remote parts each carry a 1-year warranty from their manufacturer. Warranties are only offered on products manufactured by Pond King.

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    Both of our automatic fish feeders are made from powder-coated, welded aluminum and come standard with the solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and varmint guard - so they are both low-maintenance and reliable. The choice really comes down to capacity and access. 

    • The mounted feeder holds 50 lbs of feed and is designed to be mounted on your dock, or on the shoreline, but you do need a sturdy post to mount it to. It is a great option if you have a dock or a good shoreline that you can easily access while carrying a 50 lb bag of feed. (If you feed two times a day, you’ll need to refill the feeder about twice a month.) But, if you mount on a fixed dock, or the shoreline, if the water levels change significantly, you could experience some waste. 
    • The floating feeder holds 100 lbs of feed. You can pull it into the shoreline, or you can use a boat to refill it, so it is a little more complicated. However, you won’t need to refill it as often, and since it floats, all the feed always goes to your fish, whether the water is high or low. Even though both feeders come with a varmint guard, because this one sits in the middle of the pond, it is even harder for critters to steal your fish food. Although we’ve had some good bear stories.
    The bodies of both feeders, and the floats on the floating feeder, are all-aluminum, welded, and powder coated. While this makes them slightly heavier and a bit more expensive than other feeders on the market, it also makes them virtually maintenance free and highly durable. You’ll be using your Pond King Fish Feeder for years to come.
    Our fish feeders use a funnel system. The feed moves down the funnel and rests on the throwing disk until the timer goes off, engaging the motor.
    The mounted fish feeder takes a 6-volt and the floating feeder takes a 12-volt battery and those, plus a rechargeable battery with solar panel, are included in your purchase.
    No, our automatic fish feeders use a spin cast.
    Both the mounted and floating fish feeders can throw up to a ¾” pellet. The mounted feeder holds 50 lbs of feed and the floating feeder holds 100 lbs. It’s important to note, many feeder manufacturers base their capacities off of corn, so they'll hold less pellets, especially larger pellets. Our weights are “true” weights, based on ¾” pellets.
    The floating feeder dispenses feed into a circular 8’ pattern. The mounted automatic fish feeder dispenses 50% of the food straight down, and 50% of the food no more than 6’ out in a semicircle.
    The programmable timer allows you to set up to 6 different feed times per day with a duration of 1 second up to 30 seconds.
    For most ponds, we recommend feeding your fish twice a day (morning and evening) for 3-5 seconds per feeding. This will dispense approximately 1.5 lbs of food each time, or about 100 lbs of feed per month. But if they aren’t eating all the food in about 10-15 minutes, you’ll want to adjust the duration of the feeding.
    No. Since you can adjust the frequency and duration of each feeding, you can control how much your fish are getting fed. You’ll want to adjust your feeder so that your fish consume all the feed in about 10 - 15 minutes after feeding.