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Floating Fish Feeder

Anchor Kit
Remote Control
Battery and Solar Panel

If your goal is growing trophy class fish, supplemental feeding is in your future. The Pond King Floating Fish Feeder is an excellent option to get the feed to your fish, even on lakes with limited bank access, reliably and effectively. Built with versatility of placement in mind, the Pond King Floating Fish Feeder features a four-float design that ensures stability, even in the strongest storms. The powder coated, all-aluminum construction ensures you’ll be feeding your fish with your Pond King Floating Fish Feeder for years. Check out this video for more information about the Pond King Floating Fish Feeder. 

Easy to refill, easy to feed and fatten up your bass

With our simple Weighted Loop anchor option, filling your pond fish feeder is quick and easy. You can set it up to pull into the shoreline or up to your dock. The Weighted Loop Anchor Kit includes 100′ of rope, stake and cinder block anchor with swivel. For remote locations you can attach a weight to the included center swivel and fill the feeder from a boat. This is ideal for adding multiple fish feeders to large lakes with limited bank access. An optional remote control makes feeding fish on demand as easy as pushing a button. Fish-feeding time will not only make your fish happy, it will also delight the kids and grandkids when the fish swarm the feed.

Pond King All-Aluminum Floating Fish Feeder Standard Features

  • Powder coated aluminum finish
  • Four, all-aluminum floats
  • Programmable timer
  • Varmint guard

Floating Fish Feeder Options

  • 12-volt rechargeable battery and solar panel
  • Feeder remote for on-demand feedings
  • Weighted loop anchor kit
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    • Fish Feeder FAQ
    • Download the complete assembly instructions

      • The Floating Fish Feeder ships to any commercial address in the continental U.S. for a flat rate of just $99.00.
      • Shipping to a farm/ranch/residential address will require an additional charge.
      • Pallet Dimensions: 40"x52"x52"
      • Pallet Weight without Anchor Kit: 160 lbs.
      • Pallet Weight with Anchor Kit: 240 lbs.
      • Size: 44” High, 6’ Wide from the outside edges of the feeder floats
      • Empty Weight: 80 lbs. 
      • Capacity: 100 lbs. of fish food pellets up to ¾” diameter
      • Materials: All-Aluminum, welded, powder coated body and floats
      • Warranty: The fish feeder body and floats carry a 10-year structural integrity warranty. The timer and motor each have a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.
      • What are your fish feeders made of? The bodies of both feeders, and the floats on the floating feeder, are all-aluminum, welded, and powder coated. While this makes them slightly heavier and a bit more expensive than other feeders on the market, it also makes them virtually maintenance free and highly durable. You’ll be using your Pond King Fish Feeder for years to come.
      • What is the power source for the motor? You’ll need a 6-volt battery for the mounted fish feeder and a 12-volt battery for the floating fish feeder. You can purchase an optional 6-v or 12-v rechargeable battery with solar panel for either the mounted feeder or the floating feeder.
      • Do the Fish Feeders come with any sort of Warranty? Yes. With all-Aluminum, welded, powder coated body and floats, the Pond King fish feeder bodies (and floats on the floating feeder) carry a 10-year structural integrity warranty. The timer and motor each have a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.
      • For more information, please visit our Fish Feeder FAQ page

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