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Honey Hole Log (2 pack)


How you deploy the Honey Hole Log artificial fish habitat will dictate how it works for you. Deploy the Honey Hole Log horizontally in shallow water and you’ll increase your baitfish production - which of course will help you produce some trophy bass and crappie. Combine the units vertically in deeper water and you’ve got yourself a nice little Honey Hole with this fish attractor.

The Honey Hole Log is an excellent alternative to other types of habitat.

  • Use as cover for juvenile fish or to attract game fish
  • Safe for the environment and easy to install
  • Will not rot, never needs to be replaced - a great investment in your pond

Like all of Pond King’s artificial fish habitat, the Honey Hole Log is a great alternative to most other types of habitat - like cut trees - because won’t degrade over time and shows up on most depth finders. It will look the same year after year - so it’s easy to find your honey hole at the start of each fishing season. Effective, versatile, easy to transport and assemble on site, the Honey Hole Log is a dock owners dream.

Honey Hole Logs are sold in 2 packs which include: (2) Log bodies, (136) 24” Limbs, (8) Connector Tubes, (16) Self-drilling Screws. Weight Not Included - A standard brick works great.

The Honey Hole Log ships free in the continental U.S.

      • Assembly Instructions
      • Honey Hole Log Specifications
      • Pond King Honey Hole FAQ
          • Attach the four connector tubes on one side of the log making note of "Up" etched on the log.
          • Forming the log shape, attach the connector tubes on each end to the opposite side of the log.
          • Run the two middle connector tubes through a standard brick to attach weight to the log. 
          • Push the limbs into the drilled holes so they extend about one inch past the inside of the log. 
          • Drop into the water and you're done!

        Download complete assembly instructions

        • Patent #8,020,515 B2
        • Limb count: 68
        • Height (ft.): 2
        • Estimated Usable Surface Area (sq. ft.): 76
        • Single Log Weight (lbs.): 12
        • Water Depth (ft.): 3-4
        • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
        • Why is fish habitat so important? Fish like cover. They either go to it to feed, or they go to it to avoid being eaten. Submerged vegetation is valuable as habitat for predatory species like Bass or Crappie and for forage species like Bluegill. Pond King’s fish biologists designed the Honey Hole product line to augment or replace naturally occurring aquatic vegetation to attract game fish (the fish that use cover as ambush to help them feed) and protect forage fish. Our artificial fish habitat is designed for pond and lake owners to help with fish population management.
        • Is the Honey Hole Artificial Fish Habitat environmentally safe? All the Honey Hole artificial fish habitat is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is designed to be assembled without any toxic glues or adhesives, so yes it is safe for the environment. In fact, given that it doesn’t degrade overtime and minimizes the number of lures snagged that land on the bottom of the lake or pond, some might even say our artificial fish habitat is good for the environment.
        • Is it hard to install the Honey Hole Artificial Habitat? Absolutely not! The Honey Hole, and the Honey Hole Reed, Brush and Grass can just be tossed into the water from your boat or the shore. You just drop the Dock Dropper from your dock (as the name implies), secure it to your deck and you are good to go. The Honey Hole Canopy requires just a little more effort; you just have to attach it to a weight (not included), and then drop it the water.
        • For more information, please visit our Artificial Fish Habitat FAQ page. 

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