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5924 West U.S. Highway 82, Gainesville, TX 76240

5924 West U.S. Highway 82, Gainesville, TX 76240


Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

Saturday, 8am-1pm


New Year's Day

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Floating Fish Feeder

If your goal is growing trophy-class fish, supplemental feeding is in your future. The Pond King Floating Fish Feeder is an excellent option to get the feed to your fish, even on lakes with limited bank access, reliably and effectively. Built with the versatility of placement in mind, the Pond King Floating Fish Feeder features a four-float design that ensures stability, even in the strongest storms. The powder-coated, all-aluminum construction ensures you’ll be feeding your fish with your Pond King Floating Fish Feeder for years. We include solar panels with a rechargeable battery, and varmint guard as standard features on our all-aluminum, powder-coated fish feeders so you won’t have to worry about jammed mechanisms, dead batteries, flooded feed, failing timers, or damage from raccoons and other pests.

Floating Fish Feeder Options:
Anchor Kit
Remote Control
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Thomas L.
United States United States

float fish feeder

Just installed it yesterday and seems to be working great.

Ronnie H.
United States United States

Can't say enough good things about my experience with you all

I just wanted to let you know that I received the PondKing feeder today and it was actually feeding fish this afternoon. Can't say enough good things about my experience with you all: ordered the feeder on Tuesday, you shipped from Texas on Wednesday, I received today (Wednesday), and with the easy assembly was feeding fish this afternoon. Love doing business with Made in USA! Keep up the good work. Thanks, Ronnie

David D.

Floating Fish Feeder

We could not be happier with our purchase of the Pond King Automatic Floating Fish Feeder for our 2 acre pond in Iowa. I had several questions about the product and Jill from Pond King was wonderful at answering those questions. The product arrived on time and in great condition. Installation was easy with this high quality unit. If you are debating, pull the trigger on this unit!

Want to learn more about the Floating Fish Feeder?

Watch Product Video

Easy to feed, easy to refill

With our simple Weighted Loop anchor option, filling your pond fish feeder is quick and easy. You can set it up to pull into the shoreline or up to your dock. The Weighted Loop Anchor Kit includes 100′ of rope, stake, and cinder block anchor with swivel. For remote locations, you can attach a weight to the included center swivel and fill the feeder from a boat. This is ideal for adding multiple fish feeders to large lakes with limited bank access. An optional remote control makes feeding fish on-demand as easy as pushing a button. Fish-feeding time will not only make your fish happy, but it will also delight the kids and grandkids when the fish swarm the feed.

Floating Fish Feeder Standard Features

  • Powder-coated aluminum finish
  • Four, all-aluminum floats
  • 12-volt rechargeable battery and solar panel
  • Programmable timer
  • Varmint guard

Floating Fish Feeder Options

  • Feeder remote for on-demand feedings
  • Weighted loop anchor kit

The Floating Fish Feeder ships on a pallet to any commercial address in the continental U.S. for a flat-rate fee of $299.00.


  • Floating Feeder Specs
  • FAQ
  • Size: 44” High, 6’ Wide from the outside edges of the feeder floats

    Empty Weight: 80 lbs. 

    Capacity: 100 lbs. of fish food pellets up to ¾” diameter

    Materials: All-Aluminum, welded, powder-coated body, and floats

    Warranty: The fish feeder body and floats carry a 10-year structural integrity warranty. The timer and motor each have a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

    Download the complete assembly instructions.

    Shipping Information: 

    Pallet Dimensions: 40"x52"x52"

    Pallet Weight without Anchor Kit: 160 lbs.

    Pallet Weight with Anchor Kit: 240 lbs.

    The Floating Fish Feeder ships to any commercial address in the continental U.S. for a flat rate of just $299.00.

    Shipping to a farm/ranch/residential address will require an additional charge.

  • What are your fish feeders made of?

    The bodies of both feeders, and the floats on the floating feeder, are all-aluminum, welded, and powder coated. While this makes them slightly heavier and a bit more expensive than other feeders on the market, it also makes them virtually maintenance free and highly durable. You’ll be using your Pond King Fish Feeder for years to come.

    How does the feed move from the hopper to the device that dispenses the feed into the water?

    Our fish feeders use a funnel system. The feed moves down the funnel and rests on the throwing disk until the timer goes off, engaging the motor.

    What is the power source for the motor?

    The mounted fish feeder takes a 6-volt and the floating feeder takes a 12-volt battery and those, plus a rechargeable battery with solar panel, are included in your purchase. 

    Is there a centrifugal air blower?

    No, our automatic fish feeders use a spin cast.

    What is the pellet capacity?

    Both the mounted and floating fish feeders can throw up to a ¾” pellet. The mounted feeder holds 50 pounds of feed and the floating feeder holds a 100 pounds. It’s important to note, many feeder manufacturers base their capacities off of corn, so they'll hold less pellets, especially larger pellets. Our weights are “true” weights, based off ¾” pellets.

    What is the feed pattern and distance?

    The floating feeder dispenses feed into a circular 8’ pattern. The mounted automatic fish feeder dispenses 50% of the food straight down, and 50% of the food no more than 6’ out in a semi-circle.

    What is the feed time duration?

    The programmable timer allows you to set up to 6 different feed times per day with a duration of 1 second up to 30 seconds.

    Is there a recommended feeding schedule?

    For most ponds, we recommend feeding your fish twice a day (morning and evening) for 3-5 seconds per feeding. This will dispense approximately 2-2.5 lbs. of food each time. But if they aren’t eating all the food in about 10-15 minutes, you’ll want to adjust the duration of the feeding.

    How much should I feed the fish?

    The amount to feed depends on both the number of fish stocked and the aeration of the pond. A well-aerated pond stocked at your typical stocking rates can be fed up to 200 lbs. of food per month.

    How many fish feeders do I need?

    A good rule of thumb to follow is one feeder per acre. If you are going to use more than one feeder on your body of water, be sure to disperse them evenly across the surface to ensure all your fish have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of supplemental feeding.

    Does the automatic fish feeder waste any feed?

    No. Since you can adjust the frequency and duration of each feeding, you can control how much your fish are getting fed. You’ll want to adjust your feeder so that your fish consume all the feed in about 10 - 15 minutes after feeding.

    How much does the feeder weigh?

    An empty floating fish feeder weights approximately 80 lbs. An empty mounted fish feeder weighs approximately 30 pounds.

    Do the Fish Feeders come with any sort of Warranty?

    Yes. With all-Aluminum, welded, powder coated body and floats, the Pond King fish feeder bodies (and floats on the floating feeder) carry a 10-year structural integrity warranty. The timer and motor each have a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.