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Honey Hole Brush


This fish attractor was designed by Pond King’s fisheries biologists specifically to help pond and lake owners with their fish population management. Honey Hole Brush is a quick deploying, complex artificial fish habitat designed to be placed in areas where brush piles would normally be utilized to attract fish. One of the major problems with natural cover like brush is degradation over time within aquatic environments. The Honey Hole Brush provides a permanent surrogate to cover like submerged brush piles with the same amount of structural complexity as most brush when it’s newly deployed.

  • Perfect cover to attract fish to enhance a favorite fishing spot
  • Provides a permanent solution for quickly creating brush-like cover in ponds or lakes
  • Self-righting design making deployment from the shore or from a boat easy

The Honey Hole Brush is the perfect cover to deploy to attract fish to enhance a favorite fishing spot.

Like all the Honey Hole Live Series artificial fish habitat, the Honey Hole Brush is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The Brush requires some assembly, but it’s easy: you just slide the limbs onto the stem and you are done. The internal weight and float provides a self-righting design, making deployment from the shore or from a boat easy – simply toss into the water! Affordable, durable and easy to use, this complex medium-depth habitat provides instant habitat for multiple species of fish.

Includes: (1) Retainer, (1) Plastic Float, (10) 4’ Horizontal Limbs, (1) 6’ Stem with Weight

The Honey Hole Brush ships free in the continental U.S. 

    • Assembly Instructions
    • Honey Hole Brush Artificial Fish Habitat Specifications
    • Pond King Honey Hole FAQ
        • Honey Hole® Brush requires very little assembly, and can be completed in a few minutes! No tools or glue are necessary. Weight is already included, however for areas with current or high flow, additional weight is suggested. Check out our assembly video for more tips.
        • Group the (6) leaves at the top of the main stem and slide through the center hole of each of the (10) 4’ horizontal limbs, spacing the limbs evenly down the stem. Insert the sealed float at the top of the stem, and then push the retainer into the pre-drilled hole.
        • Turn the horizontal limbs to create a random pattern and spread the leaves apart by folding them backward against each limb.
        • Once completed, you’re ready to toss into the water and watch it sink!

      Download complete assembly instructions

      • Limb Count: 10
      • Leaf Count: 166
      • Height (ft.): 6
      • Weight (lbs.): 7
      • Diameter (ft.): 4
      • Surface Area (sq. ft.): 35
      • Water Depth (ft.): 7 to 10
      • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
      • Galvanized Steel Weight Included
      • Why is fish habitat so important? Fish like cover. They either go to it to feed, or they go to it to avoid being eaten. Submerged vegetation is valuable as habitat for predatory species like Bass or Crappie and for forage species like Bluegill. Pond King’s fish biologists designed the Honey Hole product line to augment or replace naturally occurring aquatic vegetation to attract game fish (the fish that use cover as ambush to help them feed) and protect forage fish. Our artificial fish habitat is designed for pond and lake owners to help with fish population management.
      • Is the Honey Hole Artificial Fish Habitat environmentally safe? All the Honey Hole artificial fish habitat is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is designed to be assembled without any toxic glues or adhesives, so yes it is safe for the environment. In fact, given that it doesn’t degrade overtime and minimizes the number of lures snagged that land on the bottom of the lake or pond, some might even say our artificial fish habitat is good for the environment.
      • Is it hard to install the Honey Hole Artificial Habitat? Absolutely not! The Honey Hole, and the Honey Hole Reed, Brush and Grass can just be tossed into the water from your boat or the shore. You just drop the Dock Dropper from your dock (as the name implies), secure it to your deck and you are good to go. The Honey Hole Canopy requires just a little more effort; you just have to attach it to a weight (not included), and then drop it the water.
      • For more information, please visit our Artificial Fish Habitat FAQ page. 

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    Kenneth P.
    United States United States

    Mountain Island Lake

    Easy to install. I added 10 # weights because our lake is part of a river system and it has some flow. A small piece if sch 40 3/4" PVC fits in the bottom and I screwed through the bottom and then slipped a standard 10# barbell weigh over that and glued a cap on and it worked perfectly.

    Pond King, Inc.

    Good call - our habitat is all designed to float up-right, but you're absolutely right. If you put it someplace with current, you need some extra weight. Thanks for the nice review!

    Mary A.
    United States United States

    great product

    we love this brush, easy to assemble and put in the lake. we will be ordering more soon